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Letter to self

Before the semester two started I know that I am quite nervous because I have been through a lot from the past semester. There was a lot of challenges that came my way but with my perseverance and dedication to push through my goals, I was able to take the next step. I have finally put into practice all the nursing skills that I have learned from our block lab. Hands-on training will really help me enhance more my knowledge in looking after older adults. My clinical practice boosts my confidence and inspired me to study more about older adults.

Through our clinical practice, I have experienced more in dealing with patients. I was able to help them in their activities of daily living such as dressing, feeding, bathing, and grooming the patient. I was able to conduct assessment while giving morning care, I was able to assess my patients’ ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation), vital signs taking, pain assessment and management. I also got the chance to apply the different skills like transferring them safely to their wheelchairs and I also got the opportunity to use the lifts to transfer a patient who is unable to walk or weight bear. These clinical experiences helped me built a good and trusting relationship with my patient. I was able to effectively communicate with them and they were able to share some information about their past experiences and their expectations when it comes to their care. Moreover, I also get the chance to collaborate with the other health care providers, they have given me the opportunity to work with them and assist me in proper documentation using DARP/SOAP. I really like working with people who have lots of experience as I can really improve myself for the better. I have exerted time and effort for me to expand more my knowledge with older adults. Aside from using the knowledge I gained from our clinical procedure 1, I was also able to apply all the theoretical knowledge I’ve learned from our gerontological nursing and healthy aging course. I would like to commend our supportive instructor Donna who prepared us to be successful in our first and memorable clinical practice.

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The best thing that happens to me in my first clinical experience is that I have learned a lot that would benefit me as a psychiatric nursing student. With all the knowledge I have gained from my first clinical experience, I will be utilizing it with the rest of my journey as a psychiatric nursing student. My hard work and dedication paid off. I am grateful to get an “A” in this course. My willingness to fulfill all the things that I want to achieve will take me a long way.

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