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Life in the turbulent 1600s

I am currently living in the seventeenth-century Europe and am taking a trip. I am currently taking a trip as King Louis XIV of France. I was born on September 5, 1638, in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye, France. I came to power when I was four years old to be able to clean up the mess Cardinal Richelieu’s had done. I implemented reforms which improved commerce and trade, known for corruption and had accumulated immense power and from 1653 to 1661. I had imprisoned and replaced him with Jean-Baptiste Colbert. I also introduced more efficient taxation which included aides and drones. The major challenge was that the rich used the outdated tax causes to pay the least tax. The Glorious Revolution, is also called the Revolution of 1688, which was the overthrow of King James II of England. This event was when William of Orange took the English throne from James II in 1688. The event brought a permanent realignment of power within the English constitution. The Revolution occurred when James II succeeded his brother, Charles II as King of England. He was a Catholic who had no intention of compromising on issues of religion. He became openly Catholic and tried riling with no Parliament. “King Louis assumed the throne as King of France at the age of 4, following in his father’s footsteps. The young king underwent several years of rigorous training in military techniques and academic subjects before gaining the requisite knowledge and skills to begin acting as king” (Accomplishments of King Louis XIV). It took me some time to gain the academic and military skills needed to rule, although confidence was another story. As the time passed I became more familiar with the academy and military skills needed to rule. “In 1648, when Louis XIV was still shy of 10 years old, the Parlement of Parish rebelled against his chief minister, Mazarin. In an attempt to overthrow the crown, they waged a civil war, called the Fronde, against its supporters” (A&E Television Networks”). Throughout the war, I suffered many difficulties, which included starvation and poverty. Once the war ended Mazarin had begun to build an elaborate administration as I stood by and observed his mentor, by then I was already of age, but was still scared to question Mazarin’s authority. Although, I was given this position at a very young age I still found the way to manage things and make things happen, as I was young I still had the help of many individuals to be able to make guide me to make things right even when others though it wouldn’t come out good. I thank God for the individuals who took their time to guide me through this process as King Louis XIV. When I was given this position I was totally lost, but with the help of others I got many things done.

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