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Life issues

Hello Everyone”,

You will all agree with me that life is not fair to anyone. Life is full of ups and downs with a lot of things going on and happening to different individuals. Actually, life has harshly dealt with everyone in one way or the other. The truth is no one can have it all no matter how hard you try which is difficult to accept sometimes. The struggles of life can be very overwhelming and if care is not taken, one may want to end it all by using unacceptable means. However, for us to have a better understanding of how this world works, there is a need to have spiritual guidance that will help us deal with the issues of life. Although one thing is certain, life itself is vanity! The wisest king ever lived described all of these as vanity upon vanity.

You see, I get the fact that life isn’t fair, but it gets messier when we try to lay more emphasis on worldly possessions, those things that can only please the flesh. I am not saying we should not enjoy life as it comes. I am also not saying people should not work hard to be comfortable with all the good things life can offer, what I am worried about is when we dwell so much on these things that it begins to clash with our inner being which is the most valuable asset anyone can have. The level of spirituality makes it easier for anyone to overcome the hustles of life.

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While others are breaking their heads on these worldly possessions, those with spirituality looks at it from another angle. Let me say this; I am not comfortable in life yet. I am still getting started at achieving my life goals, do I get worked up over it? The answer is No! I try to ask God for my needs, then work towards it and leave the rest to God. Each time, I’d been faced with life issues, all I see is God. In all of this, Christ is all I see. As a believer, I know my primary aim on earth is to have a good relationship with Him. This helps me to make a better decision on life issues. I know, it is not about having those things that can only please my flesh because it will definitely fade someday rather I am more concerned about my spirituality so much that even when life isn’t fair to me, my focus still remains on Him.

Let’s look at this from another angle. Yes, life issues are real, but let’s not forget what omits love come from the inside. So while we are hustling to provide for our loved ones to be comfortable, let’s not get carried away and shift attention from God and others. And by others, I mean, that very dear to us. We can overcome with the help of the Holy Spirit and loved ones. It is very important to create time for family bonding, hanging out with your loved ones, make out time for your creator, and not give excuses with life issues. “Oh! I am working so hard to be comfortable, hence nothing should matter” This is a wrong approach in dealing with life issues. Stay true to yourself, and always remember, there is life after this life!

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