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Life without smartphones

Life without smartphones could be peaceful, but that’s if we weren’t so attached to this piece of plastic. They are everyday of our lives as we check for notifications of various social media sites we use like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat every day. We also use the Internet thoroughly for browsing and downloading stuff related to entertainment on it. We also take photos with its build in Camera whenever we want and we constantly SMS as well, so it’s hard to let go of our phone in this day and age, but if we truly had no Smartphones then our lives would have been drastically different. Let’s talk about the losses. Without smartphones we won’t have the conveniency to check our emails, social media or bank accounts while being anywhere in the world. We also won’t be able to have long distance communications with ease since we usually text message, instantly call someone, send emails or converse through social media sites, so our lives will become handicapped. Now on to the positives, Phones can be addictive and spending too much time on them can make us socially isolated from the real world, but without smartphones we would be more present because we won’t have anything to look at for every 5 minutes and would be more aware of the real world. We would feel more connected to our self. Think better and more clearly. Creating in the flow, knowing that nothing could really disturb us, and that there will be no need to check for new notifications. We would be more productive as we won’t ignore the people who want a helping hand and be punctual. Without smartphones, we would not have to worry about being in a social circle for 24/7. We will be free and would have the time to enjoy something we have a passion for. It could be reading a book we always wanted to read, so side effect of more productivity. Once we are engaged in the activity we selected, we won’t ever miss our phone. Without smartphones, we sure won’t ever be a target of health issues. As you know we’re constantly in danger of getting heart problems and reaching the stage of Nomophobia. Plus, our eyesight getting weak, so we will be avoiding all of that. We would also have more meaningful interactions, and this is a huge one. As not having a phone means that you can’t easily communicate with everybody around you. Remember, no more WhatsApp, no more Messenger, no more voice mails, phone calls or instantly replied e-mails. This makes you carefully choose who you’re going to talk to when you have the chance to do so because nobody has the time for meaningless conversations. Without smartphones, we would be less anxious since we do have this habit of keeping an eye on our phone for new messages or notifications. I mean, We still have PC’s and Laptops for communication, so there will be a balance and limitations because we wouldn’t be able to drag these devices with us like a phone. I think the biggest impact it will have on us would be that we won’t stray away from our manners anymore. There are certain social situations where it is just not acceptable to have a phone. For example, it’s not considered polite to interrupt a conversation to check an incoming text, nor do many people feel it’s appropriate to take a phone out when at the dining table. In other words, don’t let your smartphone habits turn you into a rude person. Without smartphones we won’t ever have to worry about any big security risks either whether it’s someone trying to hack their way into our stored data or some low life trying to rob us on gun point by stealing our phone, so it will be a bit peaceful. Without smartphones, we would be able to cope with awkward situations as well. For example, when we attend some social event we usually take out our phone and pretend to either check for notifications or take a photo instead of trying to interact with others, but we now we will would try if we have no phone. Any who, all of this is just my hypothetical viewpoint. Some people still believe that a smartphone is a necessity and it would be hard to go a day without it. Before smartphones were invented people still had a fulfilling life. People were more connected to humanity and appreciative of a person’s physical presence. World made communication easier and provides undeniable benefits, but we just have to make sure that it doesn’t take over our lives completely. Going without our smartphones for several hours or even a day will do no harm, so it won’t be the end of world or chaos spreading everywhere

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