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Lucy hale st. Jude’s activist research paper

Lucy Hale is a very busy person but always makes time for kids. Especially the children fighting for their lives. Lucy Hale had discovered St. Jude’s as a child. The minute she saw and discovered this she knew right away she wanted to get involved.

Lucy Hale is an actress, that is a big job that takes up most of your times. But, she cares deeply about something and when that happens you do everything in you power to help. Especially when that thing is helping and visiting kids in St. Jude’s who are dying of cancer and are trying to fight. They want to live but they have no control over it. The kids are sitting there fighting for there life going through treatments and it is just not fair to them. That is why when Lucy was little she said she wanted to get involved. Her dream of that has started to pursue. She is now an ambassador for children’s cancer research. She had just hosted a running/walking to raise awareness and money. I know this because on it says, “Hale also will be lacing up her running shoes to take part in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, along with tens of thousands of other participants in 65 communities around the nation.” This evidence proves that Lucy hosted the walk. During this event and just visitations there was a lot of children she got to meet. During videos recorded children were crying, smiling. It truly made there day. By those expressions.

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Lucy Hale has also got to meet incredible children over the years. In 2014 Lucy had met with a little girl named Bailey about 7 years old, she was getting treated for kidney cancer. There was a connection between the two when they first met Lucy described it a very happy and touching moment it really made her feel special. In a recent video interview lucy had said how she’d wish she was able to see Bailey again. As a surprise to Lucy the St. Judes team had brought Bailey in. The minute you say lucy looking at 11 year old Bailey about four years after her treatment with long blond hair and smile from ear to ear knowing that is the little seven year old I met. She is so strong and she is a hero, she is a survivor it lite Lucy up and brought tears and joy to her day.

St. Jude’s children research hospital is what is important. Those people working there a the real gods. They save so many innocent lives for the price of nothing they just want that parent to worry about their child not, oh how much is this bill going to be. The cancer research foundation at St. Jude’s has come really far they have saved many innocent lives and touched so many too.

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