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Ever go to a magic show and wonder, “How in the world did they do that?” Well, you’re not alone. But with magicians keeping their tricks top secret, it’s nearly impossible to learn how they’re done…until now. Take a peek behind the velvet curtain and learn how to impress your friends with these top-notch magic tricks. Poof! Don’t forget to click the subscribe button and turn notifications on to join us on the Bright Side of life!

12. Levitation

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If you’ve ever gone to a magic show or seen talented street performers, you’ve likely seen someone levitate off the ground – and a lot of the time, it’s incredibly convincing!

The secret behind the good ol’ levitating trick is the hidden holding mechanism they use. You may have noticed that people performing this trick are clothed from head to toe or are wearing a couple layers. That’s a way to hid this mechanism from showing. The holding mechanism consists of three parts, a flat, solid base, a rod attached to the base that stands up, and a chair-like piece that extends from the rod. The base is usually covered by a rug or a person sitting on it. The rod is usually discussed as a cane either coming from the ground or a person holding it. And the person in the air is sitting in this lifted chair underneath their clothes. See, mystery solved!

11. Eating razor blades

If you’re a David Blane fan, you’e probably seen this trick – the magician eats a couple razor blades, one at a time, and then pulls them out using another string they put into their mouth. What?! How are they doing this? The secret lies all in the preparation. First, the magician will make a garland of three blades tied onto a string – the razor will be dulled for their safety, of course. Before appearing in front of an audience, the magician will stuff this pre-made garland in one of their cheeks. Once performing the trick, the magician eats these blades one by one – but they’re actually just hiding them in their other cheek! they’ll often toss their head back to appear like they’re gulping these things down. Then they’ll stick a string into their mouth and stick it into the same place. Tricky…

Once they’ve appeared to have swallowed all three blades, they’ll pull the prepared garland out from their cheek that’s been hidden this whole time. This is an incredibly simple solution to a great magic trick.

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10. The phone in a bottle trick

This trick has become quite popular online recently and it’s pretty cool – a magician takes a regular smartphone in one hand and a bottle in the other and with the snap of a finger, the phone somehow gets trapped in the bottle.

To perform this trick, the magician wears a finger sleeve that you can barely see, and on it is a very small but sharp blade. As the magician holds the bottle, getting ready to slide the phone in, they wave their hand over the bottle or even say a spell – as they do this they swiftly slice a line into the bottle. Then, poof! They effortlessly slide the phone into the bottle. So simple, yet so riveting!

9. Putting their hands through glass

When watching a magician put their hand through solid glass, it’s really convincing. But this is done by a simple mechanism made of moving glass and a pedal. As a magician begins to put their fist through glass as if it’s water, a pedal is pressed underneath this glass table, either by the magician themselves or by an assistant hiding underneath. This pedal enables the glass to move, revealing a hole that’s only visible to the magician, They’ll putt their other arm in front of the hole so you don’t notice that their hand is going through it.

8. Laying on a sharp sword

This trick is truly shocking! It involves a magician being placed on a seemingly sharp sword by their assistants, and upon doing so, get stabbed in the gut with it. How’s it done?

First of all, this tall, sharp sword isn’t what it seems. If you push on the top of it, the tip goes inward, leaving a flat top – similar to a fake dagger or knife kids play with that goes inward when you pretend to stab someone with it. Additionally, the magician is wearing something special on their backside underneath their clothes: a piece of hollowed material that snaps into the top of the “sharp” rod. They’re also wearing a piece of hard material that encompasses much of their lower back so that they cal lay flat – even so, the magician has to have some great core power to lay that way. Lastly, they wear a sharp piece the pops out of their stomach, looking like the tip of the sword they’re being stabbed with.

Now that you know the trick it really isn’t as impressive anymore, is it?

7. The paper napkin mind-reading trick

If you’re at a bar or restaurant with your friends, this simple trick will knock their socks off. Get a basic paper napkin that you can’t see through, and ask them to write a word on it in big letters on the back. Don’t peek! Before starting this trick, make sure your smartphone is sitting just under you on the table, face up. Once a word is written on the napkin display it, blank side up to the table, waving it back and forth over your phone. You can say something like, “See? I can’t see the word through the napkin.” As you say this, look down at your phone. As you wave the napkin over it, you can see the word reflecting in the screen clear as day!

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Your friends at the table will literally think you’re psychic. Now if only you could predict if they were going to finish that plate of fries…

6. Melting through rubber bands

To do this trick, you’ll need two rubber bands. Put one on each hand, over your pointer finger and thumb. Now, interlock the rubber bands so that you can’t move them away from each other. To make them magically move through each other so you can take apart your hands, with your right hand, put your middle finger over your index finger on your right hand. Quickly, transfer the band that was strained on your pointer onto your middle finger. Then, lift the same band up a bit with your pointer finger. Then let go of the piece your middle finger was holding onto. You should be able to take the bands apart now! Sneaky…

5. Paper clips that link with each other in thin air

For this trick you’ll need a dollar bill and two regular paper clips. Take the bill and fold it accordion style in thirds. Attach the first paper clip onto the top of the dollar, it’s shorter end facing you. It should be holding onto the front and middle layer of the bill. Next, attach the second paper clip to the back layer and middle layer of the bill with the shorter end facing away from you. Now for the fun part: quickly pull each end of the bill with either hand, propelling the clips in the air. When you pick them up off the floor, they should be linked together!

4. Slice a banana without peeling it

This trick is great because it’s impressive and you get to eat it afterward! Snag a banana and keep the peel in tact. Take a pin and poke it into the banana wiggling it around, ultimately slicking it into even pieces without having to peel it. Then, peel the banana in front of someone to reveal it’s been pre-sliced. And while their jaw is hanging open, you can pop a yummy piece of banana in there!

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3. Stick a pencil up your nose and take it out of your ear.

This is a classic trick but it’s still pretty cool. Take a regular pencil and place it under your nostril using both your hands. As you “push it in”, simply slide your right hand up the pencil, hiding it behind your wrist. Now, carefully take both hands to the side of your face next to your ear and “pull it out” by sliding your right hand down the pencil, revealing it to your audience.

2. The magical moving pen

All you need for this trick is a pen and a flat table or surface. First, rub the pen on your pants and other parts of your body and say you’re infusing static electricity magic into the pen. This actually isn’t necessary at all. Ha, suckers. Then place the pen down on the flat surface and pretend to focus your mental energy on it as you put your hand slightly above it with your pointer finger facing outward. Then, without being too obvious, blow lightly on the pen making it move. You can hide your mouth with a baseball cap. It may take some practice to learn not to “blow it”…Ah, sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

The torn bill trick

Ever seen the incredible “torn dollar bill trick” David Copperfield made famous years back? Lean in: you’re about to learn exactly how it’s done! The magic lies within the magnetic pencil used in the trick! The pencil is actually cut in half, but it stays connected thanks to its magnet inside. That way, it can be split in half by say, a dollar, without ever having to tear anything. When you wrap the pencil with the dollar, the pencil simply breaks apart, making the dollar look like it’s torn in half. Once the pencil passes through, you can see the dollar is still in once piece! Pretty neat, huh?

What impressive magic tricks do you know the secrets behind? Let us in on the secret in the comments! Don’t forget to give this video a like, share it with your friends and click subscribe! Stay on the Bright Side!

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