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Management development

Identifying Competencies:

The chosen company I shall be selecting my job advertisement for, will be the British based airline EasyJet. The reason it appeals to me is because it focuses its audience on lower to middle class workers with their low-costing airlines, it is one of the many successful low-cut airlines. Its contemporaries are the Irish based Ryanair, Spanish based Vueling and a Dutch base airlines Transavia.

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EasyJet has seen expansion since its establishment in 1995, having grown through a combination of acquisitions and base openings fuelled by consumer demand for low-cost air travel. (BBC, 2002).

It is even said that EasyJet is the better out of its competition.

But flexibility-wise, EasyJet is always at the ready. (TripSavy, D.C. 2018).

I had recently come across the job advertisement on the website Indeed, (website for applying/hiring to a vast majority of job), as it was the first option shown on the website. The job role which was to apply as a Head of easyJet Holiday Technology for the domestic as well as international running airline, was for the British airport, Luton Airport. The need for a new head of technology is due to the increasing need of a broader, creative and collaborating mind, as well as new fresh look of what 2019 in EasyJet would look. The roles and responsibilities of the job role are quite the norm as to what you would expect. But the job as a head of easyJet Holiday Technology itself, is to make sure that the running website is always up-to-date with their seasonal offers.

The way I had rounded up my research, information and data on not only EasyJet airlines but the chosen job role of a head of easyJet Holiday Technology which would be set within a based surrounding, was by simply researching their company and the German airport, Dortmund Airport websites which was very insightful as their website had every and any information to do with EasyJet’s company.

The reason why I had research Dortmund Airports website was simply because they have history with EasyJet. When EasyJet had its 9th year of running they had decided to expand their partnership outside of the U.K. and decided upon moving their clientele to Germany.

EasyJet made Dortmund a hub in 2004, and Germanwings followed in 2007. Air Berlin eventually ceased most non-leisure routes from Dortmund in 2005, but easyJet and Germanwings have taken over in this role. However, easyJet cancelled four of five destinations in 2012. (Derwesten, 2012).

By building a hub, not only was it expanding their company brand, but they also now had an actual solid placement for their company and planes outside of Britain, which in itself was a statement of the variety of customers it serves.

EasyJet encountered a steady growth by an overall load factor from

83.7% to 87.3% somewhere in the range of 2007 and 2011 (Europe by EasyJet plc, 2011).

Over those 5 years I saw that EasyJet gradually surpass Ryanair (, who are famously EasyJet’s competition and contemporises) which initially had a greater load factor, but EasyJet has both surpassed them by having a spread of maintained or fixed expenses over more travellers and brought down the cost within units. However, not only could EasyJet spread fixed and unit expenses, but they could reduce EasyJet issue of overcapacity. Less vacant seats existing on a plane, implies EasyJet has extraordinary skills to draw in travellers. The greater load factor also implies that, due to the fact EasyJet can keep fixed expenses and can bring down the cost to its units, likewise implies EasyJet has an increase of probability to procure subordinate income, since both complete income and supporting income have essentially risen along with the expansion of load factor.

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An additional key competence that EasyJet accomplishes, is that of an equivalently abnormal state of consumer loyalty. As indicated by the companies’ reviews”,

about 80% of travellers are fulfilled with the given administrations and additionally, the occasion review in 2001 likewise demonstrated that EasyJet had above than normal administrations. (Europe by EasyJet plc, 2011).

Performance to Date:

Communication 6/10

I will be using Rolfe’s reflective model (2001) which is a take on Borton’s model (1970) for my communication evaluation. Rolfe’s model is just an in-depth version of Borton’s

What? The problem is my lack of communication. I feel the reason me being stuck or having a sort of disadvantage is due to the fact I am a very shy natured person in general and that I feel that I should let others around to voice their opinions, knowing surely enough there would be someone’s opinion that will be slightly agreeable or just agreeable in its whole. However, what I did find is that the few occasions I did voice my opinion on simple things such as; disagreeing with friends or teachers, or trying to make a valid point, it is most times shut down due to the others around me who are also fighting the same point as me across, but who have much louder voices (both literally and figuratively speaking), and my feeling of reeling back to let others be heard is a common factor that I see within this, as well as the reason I do lack communication effectively. I do not see it as though others around me feel they need to jump in and help me, that their response to me is negative in anyway, which is how I do feel and that is not the case. However, maybe it is simple excitement of being the first to say the correct, chosen words or just because, like me, want to see what the teachers or other students within the room have to say, so you can then in exchange counter their statement and build an argument (figuratively speaking).

When these sorts of occurrences happen, do I feel a type of way? Yes, I do feel as though I did not get to voice my opinion out and that maybe if I did, I would not feel less effective within the activity and would not feel as though I am behind work.

So What? I should have voiced my opinion no matter what and that by doing so I would not feel pressure of not having to speak up knowing someone else would. But by doing so I felt left behind with work and that I should have gone to the teacher or friend afterwards to emphasise my concern, now knowing I wouldn’t feel left behind on work or feel lesser of my communication.

Now What? Of being put through this scenario has not only to put my foot down and say what I think, but to also as a future head of holiday technology for EasyJet, identify my timing to get my point across and to be firm about it so others around me not only listen but learn to my input and what I have to say. As this plays a big part in working within

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teams through mentoring and coaching. (Indeed, 2019).

Also, if I do feel that I’m not being heard, to say it then or soon after to make sure others around you know how I feel and that in future reference, they will remember and ask you for your input. And by doing so, despite having confidence, it will take it that little step further to feeling more confident to voicing out my input, to make other peers around me benefit from. I could improve my communication skills by using Johari’s window model (Communication theory. 2013), to self-reflect on my weak points and to then build up on it.

It is important to enhance mindfulness and self-improvement among people when they are in a gathering. The ‘Johari’ window model is a helpful technique used to accomplish this factor of comprehension and improving correspondence between the individuals in a gathering. Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham who are American psychologists built up this model in 1955.

The thought came about as the up rise in gathering elements within the College of California and was later enhanced by Joseph Luft. The name ‘Johari’ originated from joining their initial two names. This model is likewise meant as input/revelation model of mindfulness. (Communication theory. 2013).

Technology 7/10

I will now be using Gibbs model of reflection for my next competency evaluation on Technology.

I would say my technology skills are quite good but there is always room for improvement. As the demand for

Significant experience developing technology delivery processes and functions. (Indeed, 2019).

What had happened is that over the years within schooling, we were only taught the essentials i.e. Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Excel, but even then, we used the first two more often than the latter two. At the time it was because there was ether never a teacher advanced enough to teach us how to make proper use of Excel or Publisher. But to take a step further would be the use of Adobe. When MacBook’s came on to the scene, the iOS software would only allow Adobe running software to be used on its computers. However, by the time the MacBook’s did come into the picture I was about 2 months away from leaving my current work space to go to another, so I have very little experience with 2 of the most used software within this day and age, which has left me feeling inadequate. The reason for feeling this way is if my future work space is an Adobe run only workspace. If this were to ever be the situation, not only would it be embarrassing but I would have to take time out to learn how to use said software, which may take from weeks to months. As well as not being acceptable if I have a given assignment or job to do for a specific date and time.

I actually feel I need to scratch up on my basic use of Windows Excel, Publisher and Adobe, but also start to learn newer software since I would be using said software or within my role as head of holiday technology. But, the reason for why feel the need to brush up on my software’s, is due to the simple fact I will have to oversee the development of it and planning that would go into by, so by making sure that I am not making any mistake, it would be convenient to be aware of what I am being shown. Or if the problem arose again, I would purposefully oversee the way the development of the software used by EasyJet for their website to get a better understanding of what I am dealing with and the style of delivery I could use would be Waterfall. Waterfall is a

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way of organising the work of software development. (Segue lll Technologies, M.L. 2018).

The “Waterfall” method of organisation is the more conventional approach when it comes to developing the software for their companies. No one in particular had designed the Waterfall method but it somehow it was acquired by big business programming designers from different ventures where, when a specific period of manufacturing is finished (i.e. establishing the frameworks of a house), it was unimaginably exorbitant or unrealistic to return and make changes. The Waterfall was possibly arranged when individuals understood that it wasn’t the main method for getting things done. (Winston W. Royce is normally credited with the main formal depiction in an article from 1970 in which he portrayed an imperfect programming improvement model.)

Within the Waterfall procedures every one of the prerequisites assembling and configuration work is done before any coding happens. There are a few surely understood and generally actualised Waterfall philosophies that are utilised on IT anticipates. These incorporate PRINCE2 which was developed by the British government and stays mainstream in Britain’s open division and PMI PMP which is all the more universally perceived.

All in all these techniques have stages that bargain with what you have to do before a venture, amid a start-up stage, an arranging stage, an execution stage and an end stage. They additionally then have a progression of procedures for overseeing work bundles, special cases, revealing, dangers and so forth.

Pros – Waterfall Method:

1. Potential issues that would have been found amid advancement can be looked into amid the planning stage. On the off chance that fitting significance a substitute arrangement is chosen before any coding is composed.

2. The advancement procedure will in general be better archived since this approach places more noteworthy accentuation on documentation like necessities and structure docs. Numerous companies view it very consoling.

3. Since this procedure is a direct one it is maybe less demanding to consume, particularly for non-engineers or those new to programming advancement. Frequently groups feel increasingly good with this methodology. (Segue lll Technologies, M.L. 2018).

Cons – Waterfall Method:

1. The general population we are normally building programming for (the customer) don’t know precisely what they require in advance and don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s conceivable with the technology accessible.

2. Arrangement architects regularly aren’t ready to predict issues that will emerge out of the execution of their structures.

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