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Many of us believe money and fame is the key to success but little do we know, that is

Many of us believe money and fame is the key to success but little do we know, that is

what society has shown us in which thats a false remark. In the poem“Richard Cory”, the author

Edwin Arlington Robinson tries to explain to the readers that looks can be deceiving and they

can be an eye catcher. This poem describes his good looks, his money, and ultimately his suicide.

The poem mentions how the townspeople are different from richard cory and the reason

they’re different is just because they are fortuneless people and the reason they envied him so

much was because Richard was a wealthy man. They were surprised by his actions for the simple

fact that they believed his money gave him happiness and had everything perfect but his actions

spoke otherwise. A phrase that seemed to paint a word picture was when the author said, “but

still he fluttered pulses when he”,’’ good morning”, and he glittered when he walked”. Society

viewed him as a shining star. I believe the poet’s purpose in writing this poem was to let others

know that you can never assume something about someone just because of wealth. In which, you

never know what a person is going through when they are indoors.

The title of the poem is meant to be someone who is being talked about. Now, the speaker

of this story is Edwin Arlington Robinson an american poet. He’s known for making small

dramatic poems concerning his surroundings. This poem presents how someone views one

another without actually knowing someone personally. The tone shown has a lot of envy”,

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jealousy and astonishing events. In which it can make the reader picture an image because of

how they describe him. They say he “glittered when he walked”. The type of style this poem is

can be interesting by the way they use figurative language. Edwin mentions “ he was always

quietly arrayed, and they say how well taken care of he talks”. It gives it a unique style by also

making it a very comprehensive and questionable in which the reader would want to finish the

story to find out the ending of it.

The purpose of this poem is to show the readers how people can assume so much of you

and not know anything about you in which you shouldn’t assume someone is okay just because

they’re full of laughter, smiles and most importantly just because of money. This poem takes

place in downtown where he stands out of the regular people. Personally speaking this can be

reflected back to society today because i believe a lot of teens or children are coming from a new

generation which their lives will revolve around money and fame. This can be an issue because a

lot of teens today feel like wealthy people are going to be happy due to the fact that they think

wealthy people can get whatever they like as if it will make them suddenly happy. The poem was

well written and properly organized which made every common sense.

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