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Marketing of kinddergarten


Marketing is an important part of this business. Therefore, we pay much attention it. We should act on specific goals. So that we

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 Reach out to new parents, and business opportunities

 Identifies development opportunities

 Build our kindergarten brand to the point where it becomes a household brand synonymous with superior child care in the Baku area.

 Build customer loyalty through superior service

 Help increase the number of customers

 Responsible for defend for the customer’s needs, and communicate with clients

 Develops, perform and evaluate new plans for expanding increase sales



We have designed a memorable logo that appeal to parents and kids. We use this logo on our social media pages and website.

We have also created attractive business cards. We have chosen bright colors for business card.


We have discount for our current clients. We notify to our existing clients that if they assure that their friends apply to our kindergarten, they can get 10% discounts on their fees for the next 3 months. This encourages them to tell their friends about our kindergarten. And we hope that this will lead us new clients. In addition, if the child has gone to kindergarten for 15 days in a month, and has not attended for 15 days, clients pay up to half the monthly fee for the convenience of the customer. We get registered without waiting for any payment for children of martyrs who apply to the kindergarten. But we provide 60 % discounts for children of war veterans who apply to the kindergarten.

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Increase enrollment in the kindergarten

A mix of traditional advertising and digital advertising help us attract more students.

We think to host an open house. It means, we want to invite the public to visit our kindergarten. And we should take out ads approximately and 2 weeks before the open house. This will result in a large number of a turnout, and will play a role in increasing the number of registered clients.

Online advertising

Having a professional website plays a crucial role in attracting customers. We use advertising our kindergarten online. We have created a quality website. When potential customers search for kindergarten online, they’ll visit our website to get a quick impression of our kindergarten. We have also included on website “Contact us today to learn how to enroll!”

We have established a strong social media presence. We use to promote upcoming events, enrollment dates. We permanently update our social media page with interesting content. When parents see that their close ones share these posts, they are also interested in registering their children in our kindergarten. We share posts that relate to our business, such as studies which are relevant to child development and cute viral videos of children.

When a parent registers his/her child in our kindergarten, this is just the beginning. We are always trying to develop relationships over time. Communicating with my clients regularly not only builds a relationship. It also helps us understand the changes we need to a make our program better. We demonstrate our sensitivity to our business with this way that we always keep in touch with parents through email. Keeping in touch with parents help them that they feel more secure about leaving their children with us every day, and they’ll be more likely to refer their friends to us. And I know that not every program can do this.

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Our kindergarten mission

Our kindergarten mission is to provide top-level child care. We exist to attract and maintain customers. We always strive for it. If we continue to do so, I hope our services will exceed the expectations of our clients.

Targeting marketing

Naughty is targeting one specific customer group, the middle to upper class, and two income professional families. This group of families has both parents working, not allowing them time to engage their child during the day. This group has the money for child care, and is willing to spend a little extra to get a higher level of care. We also fulfill our responsibilities. We, in turn, teach children to read, write and socialize. It means, we try to develop children’s skills.

We have concentrated on the two income working professional families because they are the segment that can most readily afford day care, need day care because of their work obligations, appreciate the advanced learning and development. This group of families is growing segment of our society.

Statistics show that 63% of children are entrusted to their relatives and another 37% of children are cared by care center for a commercial day. But our targeted group prefers a more structured learning environment. They should not be compared to our program because we have created an environment that educates, and develops children’ skills at the Naughty. And this group of families is enthusiastic to accept the payment of our program for the development of their children.


We introduce ourselves as an advanced day care service that offers unique learning and developmental programs for children. We are distinguished from our competitors with specialized training and innovative learning programs. Our kindergarten has a specialized training program that all of our teachers and assistants are put through so they are proficient at teaching the specific programs that has developed for children.

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We offer different leaning programs for children different age. We focus with this program on specific skills and work on one skill for each age. This is successful in reinforcing the skill. When the skills are taught together, just as you would expect to encounter them in real life, children are able to assimilate the new task into their skill set much quicker.

Our clients are delighted to see our attention and sensitivity to their needs. We operate on the assumption that we will do everything to please our customer. If customer satisfied, we are based on the idea that we will operate with long-term profit.

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