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Mens fear

If girls are afraid of darkness, big dogs, mice and spiders, then the man is not up to her face. Yes, there is no real man, if you remember all stereotypes, there’s nothing to be afraid of. And how to do it, when around the end of the world come on, natural disasters overflow, and my beloved began to look to the side? Contrary to everything, men have fears. Moreover, this is absolutely normal! These fears have nothing to do with phobia, so the treatment is not going to be. It is useful to know about them and be able to keep in the knot.

Life is in vain

This fear is visited by a man of 35-40 years old. Looking at the life of life does not cause a smile. My husband is sure – life has not succeeded and live in vain. Dear ladies, of course, know that this is His Majesty the Middle Ages. So, the beloved did not become the most popular person on the planet, so, he did not establish a new Gazprom, but those who did it, feel no different to forty years. Yes, this is not about the facts and achievements, but in the chemical reactions of the male body. This will happen and will not happen again. A woman is recommended during this period to support her husband and to be close, in extreme cases it is possible to address to the psychotherapist.

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Only men can think of a funny person as weak. Therefore gentlemen are very afraid to be in a curious situation. Surviving in a society angry mocking will help only the proper sense of humor. Is a man in a stupid situation in people? So let him be the first to start lying on himself. Moderate self-irony shifts the mountains and attracts people better than a magnet. However, the border should not be moved, since in them and concluded self-esteem of a man.

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Old and stable means reliable and calm. A man can not change the image or apartment situation once a month, just like a woman. Everything new frightens him, and at times leads to panic attacks. You need to adjust yourself to the fact that immutability can turn into a stagnant, and calm – boredom. Small changes will be nice to refresh your life if you take them as an interesting adventure.

Refusal of a woman

No one finally understands a woman. And if he understands, it’s not a fact that is right. Birth creates insecurity, correctly interpreted female signals. As a result, the man on the date sits and twists, earning neuroses and sexual dysfunction, instead of enjoying a pleasant company. The only way out is to raise self-esteem – to convince yourself that with the denial of life does not end there. You can drink cognac or vodka on the date, just no more glasses. Then the refusal will definitely be perceived from a philosophical point of view.


The male world can not be weak. Defeat in any sphere of life provokes a sharp fall in self-esteem, no matter, dishes men are miles ahead or in an online game competed. Interesting fact – men since the childhood begin to compete with each other always and in everything. Women have not seen this. In order not to fall on the same hook, but at the same time in traumatology, should include the brains, as soon as in the air smells male competition. What has to be done? Nothing, just learn to lose, not upset. Healthy optimism is a wonderful prevention of fear of defeat.

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Failure in bed

The reproductive organ for a man is probably the most important part of the body. It is not surprising that self-esteem dictates from any heights if the aforementioned host body is brutally brought. If you add media pressure on the importance of female orgasm, then the picture seems rather disheartening. The best prevention of the belly of the beloved organ is to lead a normal healthy lifestyle with healthy sleep, vitamins, lack of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Surprisingly, many men are precisely for this reason tying up with perishable life and finding themselves in sports.


Betrayal is capable of destroying all relations, turning into love as a ash and a perverted center of society – a family. Of course, a self-respecting man is unlikely to want to wear long branched horns. However, he is more afraid of himself changing his wife. I am afraid that betrayal will happen by accident. Here he is with his colleagues in the bar, and in the morning in a stranger’s bed. Women can rely on such fear, but they can also take care of them. After all, a man is afraid of a casual uncontrollable betrayal, hence, he floats over the course of life and does nothing to prevent this fact.


Fearing to seem weak makes her husband squeeze out when arms are already shaking, independently look for a way to a hotel in an unfamiliar country and lift heavy-weight things that only the brigade of workers can do. A woman sees in these actions the share of global human stupidity. But the man is ready for everything, only if he was not called helpless and weak.

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Natural selection forces the boys to be only strong, and from him you will not go anywhere. Well, if a beloved woman creates a rear in the general housing, where both failures and weaknesses can be brought, and nobody will condemn. A strong man just needs to sometimes be weak, and only a woman can help.


Men are afraid of any manifestation of power for one reason. She is a courageous and individual person who turns into another detail of a huge mechanism from the same billion, besides, he does not have the right to vote. This fear makes men commit insane acts. They do not obey the teachers, escape from the army, throw work. And all because they need personal freedom and independence.

However, reality is such that many people can not escape the power. But it will not harm either life or character, if you treat it as a means of achieving its own goals.


Men’s fear of loneliness can be felt even stronger than women. They simply keep silent about it, so as not to show their weaknesses around them. The reason is not even the life-giving moisture before death. Modern life considers the norm that every husband should be if not a wife, then at least a permanent girlfriend. And it is contrary to the norm – to lose the competition to the brothers on a sexual basis.

Therefore, even hard-haired bachelors at some point begin to reflect on the family. And this is normal, since it is so conceived by nature itself.

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