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Mexico city development

City development is just a one word issue that includes multiple departments. For example, when we talk about city development, we are talking about water, pollution, transportation, and economy, among other things. For Mexico City, I am focusing on the issues of urban development, including housing for the poor. Mexico City is lacking housing for the poor. Up until now, the government has not done a good job with this problem. In 1960 around 400″,000 people lived in Mexico City’s downtown, but the population is, as of 2018, just under half that number at 198″,000. Among other problems, there was a devastating earthquake which played a role in the depopulation of the city center in 1985. In that earthquake, many houses collapsed. Workers who built the houses didn’t do a good job on making them strong enough to withstand a natural disaster. We should provide houses for the poor but make them withstand earthquakes, since a lot of earthquakes happen here. Invest money, but make good outcomes from it. A plan that I am considering is to make enough housing for the poor. The government plays an important role in this plan. There is not one perfect solution for any economy. This makes people question whether this plan may work or not. If it does, many families will be moved into these new houses. We will subside mortgages. In 2017, the government built 20″,000 new houses after a three-year suspension. The following year, the government said that it could collaborate with the owners of largely vacant buildings in order to rent as many as 7″,000 living spaces for the low-income residents. Former Mexico City Mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that the city will carry out repair work to improve the city center’s public plazas, sidewalks, and streets. I think we can do more. Under our current government, we will built 200″,000 new houses for the people living in Mexico City’s downtown. This will take from 5-10 years to built. Rooftop garden will also be built. Roof plantings may provide food but that is voluntary. Houses that are built will be helped payed by the former government. The people that will be moved in will pay as much as they can, because the mortgages will be subsides as well. In conclusion, from 1985 earthquake and other earthquakes, many people’s houses were destroyed. For that reason is why we are building more houses for the poor. It will make Mexico City more developed and will decrease poverty. I have learned about this in Mr. Arredondo’s and Mr. Bienz class. Mr.Bienz teaches us about gentrification and how the government doesn’t put in his part. Mr.Arredondo teaches us about how the Hin Lad Nai community helped themselves with the National Park trees. This helped me on doing my topic because, it gave me a good start on what and where should I look for my resources.

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