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Last updated on 25.05.2020

One of the most intriguing sciences

Among the various fields in Biological Sciences, I take most interest in Genetics, Cell, and Molecular biology wherefrom I get understandings of the origin, development, differentiation, and escalation of life. I wonder, even if each and every cell of an organism has the same set of genes it’s differential expression is what distinguishes the cells of one organ from another and thus making it very crucial for functioning and survival of an organism.

Regulation of expression of eukaryotic genes

I find the regulation of eukaryotic gene expression at the transcriptional and post-transcriptional level by noncoding RNAs (miRNA, lncRNA, etc), RNA binding proteins, spliceosomal machinery, transposable elements et cetera intriguing and wish to explore their mode of action, mechanism of targeting the genome, the disorders caused by their misregulation and possible corrective and therapeutic interventions through my research. Hence, I found the research in Dr Landthaler’s lab very fascinating.

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I got interested in his paper “DDX54 regulates transcriptome dynamics during DNA damage response”. It was intriguing to find how DDX54, an RNA helicase is playing a diverse role by interacting with spliceosomal protein and also increasing the efficacy of splicing in response to IR as well as playing the role of a splicing enhancer to increase the expressivity of DNA Damage Response proteins. It will be interesting to further elucidate the role of such different RNA Binding proteins in response to DNA damage.

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Research by Dr. Iszwak

Another research area that I found to be in sync with my interest is of Dr. Izsvak’s on the Transposons. Transposons make up a significant portion of the human genome and contribute to creating mutations and genomic instability and diseases. Also, TE are used as safe therapeutic vectors for gene transfers as also evident from her article “Regulated complex assembly safeguards the fidelity of Sleeping Beauty transposition”.Thus, as her project suggest, to explore the mechanistic details behind TE action, it’s correlation with human diseases as well as the application of TE in establishing cancer models would be a new and wonderful learning experience for me. I believe, research is not only a way to quench the thirst of knowing the unknown, but it has a social significance and can add value to our lives.

Job Status

Toward this objective, I aspire to receive an advanced research platform through the PhD program in Max Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine. Its excellent facilities and diverse field of research drives me to be a part of it. The MDC-NYU exchange program can be an excellent platform to gain exposure, knowledge, and insight in my research in its international environment. Being a committed and hardworking student, I am confident that I will be able to cope with the rigors of the curriculum with ease and most certain that this exposure will help me to gain a lot of knowledge and will be a milestone in my personal growth.

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