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Music celebrity culture

Henry Wadsworth stated that “Music is the universal language of mankind.” This is true because no matter the kind of language used, music can create moods and emotions which can be shared with a friend and other people. It has been traced through almost all cultures in one way or another. As times progress, so has the music influenced people. It is an important part of the most popular cultures throughout the world more so in American cultures. The music industry is, and has been a million dollar kind of business that continues to play an essential role in the culture of America and other nations at large.

Music plays an essential role in society. Society uses it as a source of enjoyment, and also to get feelings and emotions. Some societies could put it that there is a song for everything, and it would be to some aspect difficult to either agree or disagree with the point. Henry Wadsworth being a song writer feels the same emotion. Music has a strong effect on people and can form its subculture by bringing different societies together. However, the subcultures have a power of dividing the listeners by separating them into different genres depending on the music they like and making them separated from those who have different taste of the music. For instance, 1960s music had many different kinds of tastes where people could be categorized into certain political groups with their specific stereotypes easily through the type of music they considered best. The most and major difference in groups was the “hippies” and the “punks.” In this case, the punks could listen to punk music with different genre within it. For example, garage rocks, which was the original punk rock. It originated from the different parts of London, to contest what has been taken as superficial disco pop.

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Punk music was usually considered as aggressive and loud, similar to the music played, which often has a vital political message. These messages were agreed by the group. On the other hand, the Hippies were on the opposite line of the spectrum. They listened to soft folk music and the disco music which was negatively perceived by the punk listeners because they believed it had no idea and also contained no meaningful meaning. Therefore, they considered punks had no real value to society. The Hippies also believed in peace and was against any form of war, and it was portrayed through their music which comprised of a sound leaning towards the soft nation genre. Their lyrics contained peaceful messages of love. The punk on the hand knew of these aspects and generally hated the Hippies for their lack of lifestyle. They felt that something was to happen that could need a change, and to call for a change, violent or at least a loud act was to be done.

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The Jazz musicians of the 1920s have not only transformed the music trend of the period but also created a phenomenal trend of the Flappers style, symbolic of the Jazz music fashion. Come 1950s, Rocks and Roll music was introduced to people as it was the initial introduction of Rocks “n” Roll music fashion. Iconic musicians such as Elvis Presley had a great influence on the Rocks “n” Roll music fashion through the ways he expressed his personal music styles and public persona. In not through his music styles, the audience and the public, in general, might not have ever been exposed to the Rocks “n” Roll music fashion. Three decades after the Presley’s form of music, Hip Hop developed from the Bronx to the society depicting both fashion and music field. The genre is associated with rap kind of music which pays attention to the African American society and their culture. It started in the 1970s and later developed in the urban towns of the New York by the Blacks together with the Latinos. Hip Hop musicians also expressed their style through their lifestyle and performance mostly through TV broadcast. The public was able to view the musician’s fashions started following their fashion style.

The metric organization and structure of the Jazz were as well influenced by African-American music. There is no other musical genre where can one can get the “call and response” apart from this style which originated from African-American music, and most of the genres have copied from this method. Many of the Jazz bands make use of the “call and response” method between the performers and their instruments. This acts made the music much livelier. Also, the four-beat count was one of the methods used in Jazz traits of black music in the 20th Century. This was the main foundation for the Jazz music which also used drumming found on the ragtime.

By 1930s music used different styles. The music prominently featured the performers accompanied by simple chords, stanza as well as topics. The music had understated influences that can be traced back to the African-American type of music. Banjo is an obvious example of the instrument from the African that was used by the African-Americans in the slavery time. The Banjo has mistakenly been credited to the Western culture even though the music style original from Africa. The delivery of these songs in the American side was inspired by the blues, Gospels as well as Worship songs. For example, Jimmie Rodgers was a well-known for these vocal styles. He used the blue styles on his entire songs. Carter Family music texture was touched by gospel vocal harmonies. Also, Hank Williams’ tragic music was certainly inspired by the worship songs together with the blues.

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Madonna and Gaga are some of the few celebrities of the prominent music in our society in contemporary society. Since the 1980s, Madonna has grown in popularity as the queen of trendsetting for the music field. Generally, her music and fashion styles can be described as bold, fun and uninhibited. She has transformed the way young girls dress due to her calf-length black leggings, granny boots to large earrings became a fashion trend that changed the culture of ladies. Madonna has a large audience that admires her music together with her fashion style. Also, the stimulating Madonna not only inspired the designers but also secured him a signature design for her. Well-known brands, for example, Topshop and the H&M have collaborated with her and also have received positive sale reactions.

Michael Jackson is another celebrity in the music industry. The legendary types of jackets he wore appeared to always blend together with his styles of music. The jacket is iconic and portrays certain elements for those who choose to wear like him. What makes him a music and fashion style icon is the unique his uniqueness and the theatrical choice of music styling for his shows. The fashion style that is shown on the stage is an attention grabber from to the audience. Also, he has set himself apart from all the other musical artists with his talent.

Classical music is another type of music which has transformed culture in society. The genre lays a foundation for contemporary society’s successful entertainment concerts. Classical music is taken as music for intelligent people. It is as well proven that when people listen to these types of music, the music can have a special effect on their mind. The music is capable of raising someone’s level of nervous activity in the brain; mostly in developing infants and enhances an understanding of math calculations and other intellectual skills in the adults. Mozart is considered as one of the most celebrity in the classical music genre. He is an influential and powerful artist of all the times who has transformed the culture of many people. Mozart was a musician celebrity who one could not copy because of the genius in the music he performed. His music influenced many characteristics varying from the moral to behavioral influence to the societal, cultural norms. His music was acceptable and was assessed relating to social control in America. Furthermore, his Jazz music performed played an essential role in the African-American culture as well as in the era of America wars. In other words, classical music has a history of music that was composed hundreds of years ago. The songs continue to serve s historical purpose for the life of many people in society today. In contemporary society, the majority of celebrities uses classical genre in their work; they copy and come up with a similar feature of the genre.

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In conclusion, music has taken a very special role in people’s cultures for many years and so in contemporary society. New musicians emerge or are introduced constantly; season after another. Some musicians will fade off because of losing hope in the music industries whiles others stay for some time. Some come into the market, create interest and maintain it on the stage. Music and fashion styles go hand in hand. If music being performed cannot be accepted by the audience, people will turn back on it and would not pay more attention to it. Music is found everywhere around the globe. It defines people with their characteristics. Also, music is a tradition that comes from an elevated generation. In some cases, if music were not there, then some people would be going through frustrations in their lives. Many talented people who have the talents would be lacking a place to express their emotions and give the public a story. On the other hand, popular celebrities may not have a large audience who admire their music, but they have followers who love and copy their fashion styles. For example, most people like the wearing styles of Michael Jackson. The influence of musicians on fashion can be well-known as the mass acceptance and copying of certain styles that is shown by certain musicians. We need music to have a clear understanding of the different cultures and music is power.

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