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Electronic music has been on the rise for the past couple of years. With more and more concert goers and listeners, the music industry keeps getting better and better and the sounds keep getting more advanced. Producers are always searching for newer and better software and that’s why Ableton has been a staple software for producers like Rezz and many other bass producers for years. Ableton was first created in 2001 when two German computer graduates wanted to enhance their performance on the dub-techno scene. That’s when they decided to launch their personal projects into retail software. Now, Ableton Live is the most used software in the entire world for electronic dance music producers. Ableton is loved around the world because it enabled a lot of people to leave their studios/bedrooms and DJ on stage; it started festival culture.

There are two main Ableton tools: Ableton Live and Ableton Push. 2Ableton Live is essentially a “fast, fluid and flexible software for music creating and performances”. Live has effects, instruments and sounds that can create any type of music. With Live, you can freely mix and match musical ideas without any constraints. MIDI and audio loops can be played in different lengths and any combinations. While with Ableton Push, it’s a powerful, expressive instrument that gives you hands-on control of an unlimited sounds, without the need of a computer.

The masses love to use Ableton because it has a clean and simple design that’s easy for anyone to learn. Ableton Live is mostly used because it’s designed to have everything detail and information on one screen and for its variety of features to manipulate any sample audio. Back in the day, people had to record real instruments to sound professional; now you can just buy a sample pack and manipulate as you want.

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Recently, Ableton released a tutorial series called Learning Music to help new generations educate themselves on the history of music and new music. One of the co-founders of Ableton, Gerhard Behles, gave a presentation looking at the past 40″,000 years of musical development. He showed slides of prehistoric instruments like bone flutes and discussed how newer technology will help artist get their “flow”. He argued of how the miniaturization of technology has made it easier for artists to become independent. He also talked about the new definition of the word musician. People refer musicians as music makers, a person who writes their own songs and compose and create their instrumentals. But now, a musician is a new term that comprises of many traditional roles. He also discussed that while technology has made producing music more accessible, that it’s no substitute for practice and that children are the future. Ableton has launched a program where they give out free Push instruments and donated them to schools. He believes that the music education in the US is a broken system because only 20 percent of kids have music lessons and everybody else nothing.

Canadian producer and DJ Isabelle Rezazadeh, best known for her on stage name Rezz, is an avid fan and user of Ableton Live. She was first inspired by legend producer Deadmau5 to create her own beats and later on was signed to Mau5trap and OWSLA (Deadmau5 and Skrillex’s labels). 1She learned how to create her own beats by watching Ableton tutorials on Youtube. Her most known song “Edge” was produced using Ableton. She is best known for creating a new type of genreless genre that features a lot of dark drops, heavy bass, industrial synths and a bpm of 100. Since then, Rezz has been releasing dark, minimalistic singles, EP’s and albums and gaining a lot of traction. She is now inspiring a lot of up and coming DJs and producers to create similar sounds like hers. For example, 1788-L, Whipped Cream, 13, Kotek and many more.

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Last year, Rezz was nominated to a Juno Award and won Electronic Album of the Year for her debut album, “Mass Manipulation”. Rezz said that her main inspiration for the album title was “the current state of society and how easily some can be manipulated.” Her debut album was well received by lots of music critics and fans. Billboard described the album as a “sickly sci-fi journey and a aural exploration. Noiseporn wrote that Rezz had made a sound that nobody has ever heard before, calling Rezz’s signature music structure as genius.

Ableton will forever have changed the music industry. Rave culture has changed for the better and now more than ever, people are wanting to learn how to create their own sounds.

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