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My trip to jamaica

I woke up, eyes popped right open like popcorn, ready for the adventure that was about to happen. I hopped right out of bed thinking about how lucky I am as a person to have food on the table and clothing in my closet and i say that because some people aren’t fortunate enough to have the things i have, anyways i rushed to my closet put on pants and a navy blue T-shirt then i rushed upstairs woke my whole family up one by one. I went to go eat breakfast, i was gonna have honey nut cheerios, my favorite. The rest of the family finally got out of bed and ate their breakfast. Are bags were ready to go. We got in the car and drove to the JFK airport and got the tickets. I had this weird feeling in my stomach, i felt kinda tingly and nervous. I was told the flight would be a little over 3 hours. I took like a 30 minute nap then i woke up to my brother screaming and crying. I was so hungry, the bag of pretzels was good but wasn’t gonna cut it for the entire 2 hours left. Some time goes by and i’m looking out the window and I notice we are above the sea. I was not sure what ocean it was but it was pretty to look at. The bright blue gloss it had from the sun beaming on to the top. I don’t really see bright blue oceans often. It’s mostly the dark navy blue kinda water, anyways so my brothers were all sleeping which was great my dad on his laptop and my mom was sleeping also. Then an announcement from the co pilot had come in informing everyone that we should be there in about 30 minutes. My arms were shaking, my hands were sweating, and my feet were kicking. “ I’m about to be in jamaica”! I said with excitement. Everyone turned and looked at me, I felt kinda embarrassed that everyone was looking at me. But anyway that wasn’t going to ruin my trip, plus they weren’t even looking at me anymore. Finally the words from the pilots i was waiting to hear, we are about to land in Jamaica. I didn’t know what to do, I woke my parents up along with my brothers. We got the bags asoon as we got off the plane. Seeing the bright yellow hot sun was pretty refreshing to see. So we walked into the airport and there was a taxi already there to escort us to the resort. On the way to the resort we saw many homeless men and woman also kids, it really hurt me knowing the fact that these people don’t have a home to live in and food to eat. I really wanted to help but we were already gone. Soon after we were at the big sunny hotel/resort. I saw the beach along with the bright blue waves crashing against the coast. So we walk inside the front entrance hotel/resort check in. We give them are names then they give us the key and tell them that we room DD5 upstairs (that was the actual room). We walk in and the first thing i see is the parallel beds, in my head i was ready to some bed to bed jumping. There was another bedroom which i was assuming my parents and the baby were going to sleep in. I kept bugging my parents about when we can go to the beach and swim in the bright blue water. They just kept saying the same thing, “we just got here, just rest” said my mom even though we had been there for a couple hours now. It was a couple hours later and we were getting ready to go out to dinner. We had to call a taxi because we didn’t have are car. So the taxi is here and were getting ready to go, i’ve never eaten jamaican food ever i dont think. It wasn’t dark outside at all which made it hard to believe it was dinner time. On the way there i saw the same homeless people again, i couldn’t help myself but to yell

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“No Stop the car, stop!” so they did and i told them i wanted to help and we all agreed to do so. We got out and gave everyone a 10 dollar bill and we came back after dinner to give leftover food. That night when i was getting my pajamas on and i just couldn’t stop thinking about the moment where i had helped them. Little did i know i would be making a family’s day. It filled my heart to see them happy and joyful. That was one of the most happiest moments in my life. I crawled into bed closed my eyes and had a big smile on face that could be seen from miles away remembering how lucky i am to be in my bed surrounded by the ones who love me . Slowly closing my eyes staring out the window gazing at the bright stars in the night sky.

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