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Narratives from words to images through social media

Everything is already portrayed in this picture. It doesn’t generally make a difference what kind of details Watson characterized for this picture; the picture is around one individual, and nothing more. The posture of his hand proposes steady reasoning, and the unobtrusive grin attracted his face, transmits an incredible vitality and certainty. He was one of the great thinkers and when he explained about his project everyone had a question if it is possible? He replied all of them with his invention and this led him to be successful. “I want to put a ding in the universe” Fig (9) A war solider and nurse kissing in New york street at the end of a war fig (9) The two images are people for sure; however they are the unknown envoys of both every one of the mariners and every one of the medical attendants that buckled down amid the war. The two foundations were major columns that helped United States to keep up its quality amid the repulsions of war. The happened to mark the finish of such a savage and ridiculous time of our cutting edge history, the picture was taken in Times Square, New York City. This portrayal shows how much the war meant to them and how much they struggled during the war. Fig (10) Vulture waiting to eat the kid fig (10) This picture is taken by Kevin Carter. He is a notable photographic artist and this image is powerful to the point that the picture taker passed away when he was asked an inquiry as in for what reason didn’t he spare the child from that vulture. Visuals additionally expedite some genuine effect on society. This is one such picture. Picture can be effectively comprehended, a child in an abnormal state and a vulture holding on to eat the child. The term used to describe this picture is “The Struggling Girl”. He won Pulitzer Prize for feature photography. “I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings & corpses & anger & pain.” Fig (11) Mahatma Gandhi fig (11) Most importantly we have to comprehend the significance of the turning wheel, since one can simply take a gander at the picture and state “for what reason is it needed?” The turning wheel was the most grounded image for India’s battle and want for freedom from the United Kingdom. Gandhi was close to one; however Gandhi’s secretaries ceased her, and revealed to her that on the off chance that she was going to make the picture, with that exact structure, she needed to figure out how to utilize turning wheel herself to take the picture. Chapter 3 The third chapter will talk about how blogs, Vlogs, and social media websites (Instagram, twitter, Facebook) have gained attention if commoners and reached every class of audience. Before if you want to be an artist you need to get a scholarly recognition and not just that you have to be rich to publish books. Not everyone who had dreams could succeed. But the trend is changing through social media. People can write and post it online. That’s all is needed and you become an artist. How far can it go? How far can one gain attention? The answer to it is simple. Recently there was this video where slam poetry was delivered by a young girl named Ananya Johar. This poetry piece talks about feminism and how women are treated in this current society. All the stereotypes and the kind of treatment a woman gets in her house is portrayed by her. It became such a viral and there were more than 1 million viewers to it in a short span of time. She was then called for a lot of shows. The main point to understand is that there were so many written works about how woman were treated in the contemporary society by a lot of accomplished writers but not all of it got the spotlight and attention. This video also made everyone think and it was so powerful the emotions she delivered was so appealing to the audience that’s why this video got so much viewers. Another example would be a normal write up by a random person a one liner or a poem with really few lines along with a picture can get 1000s of like in a short span of time. Which means 1000 people have liked it there might be more than 1000 views but 1000 people likes it. The same when it comes to books or a poem written won’t get that much attention in a short span of time. First it needs to be accepted and then it has to be published, once published you need to grab the audience. In the United States, there are roughly 350″,000 new books and versions distributed as it was done in the good old days every year. The undeniable inquiry that I am certain you are obtaining is out from what number of submitted? That, shockingly, is somewhat hard to state. To give you a rough approximation, most specialists and distributers will disclose to you that they get between 1″,000-2″,000 question letters every month, or 12″,000-24″,000 every year and there are truly a large number of operators and distributers. You can crunch the numbers just as I can. A little level of entries really makes it to the distributed stage. In the United States, there are roughly 350″,000 new books and releases distributed as it was done in the good old days every year. The conspicuous inquiry that I am certain you are soliciting is out from what number of submitted? That, lamentably, is somewhat hard to state. To give you a rough approximation, most operators and distributers will reveal to you that they get between 1″,000-2″,000 inquiry letters every month, or between 12″,000-24″,000 every year, and there are truly a great many specialists and distributers. You can figure it out just as I can. A little level of entries really makes it to the distributed stage. That why people go for self-publish. That is people go to social media websites which takes zero cost for us to write and upload. The best part is that it gets published and there are comments basically critics from normal person to a well accomplished person to review our work. The other thing which can be discussed is interpretation. A picture is uploaded and there is an interpretation of the artist and it is open to interpretations and the message is delivered meaning what we try to portray is reached and few might be against thou what we want to convey is conveyed. Fig (12) A man jumping into the water to beat the heat fig (12) This picture was taken by Auditya Venkatesh. It’s taken near Lakshadweep island and it summer there. This picture tells us how badly the person who is jumping wants to go into the water to beat the heat. On Instagram there are more than 500 million users every day. There are 95 million posts every day. Time magazine cover created a lot of political protests and the power of visuals can be seen there too. Donald trump is the one mostly targeted by Magazines. Not just time magazines every magazines intention is to spark something and again attention and the cover page with photograph of such issues help them achieve their goal. Conclusion This study on Narratology and how it has changed and changing in the contemporary world through visual medium and how social media has showed that visual portrayal of anything is captivating and that social media being the controlling factor of this present world. One can easily argue that books still has its place and language didn’t lose its power, but the point this paper is trying to make is that words through books, as in words through hard copy, has lesser effect than words through social media. Publishing and making that book reach every class of audience and every corner of this world is the most difficult part. Also one cannot easily publish unless he is well known to the publishing community. There is some kind of politics happening there too. This book the city always wins by Omar Robert Hamilton which talks about the Egyptian revolution. This book is a result of Cairo’s violence is a best example to show that how visual medium has impacted and result of it was the book. Earlier it was novels which got converted into movies, now it’s the other way around. Not just this there is an Israeli illustrator who tried to depict his day today life with the help of drawings made him world famous. Yehuda Devir’s comics on his married life made him and his wife a sensation. “She saw that on Facebook there’s lots of couples who, when they’re trying to find an apartment, post photos of themselves saying ‘please help us find an apartment”,'” Yehuda told The Jerusalem Post in a recent interview. “She said ‘why don’t you draw something funny so that people will like it and help us?'” Fig (13) Illustration of a couples daily life routine fig (13) This not only helped them but it made them go places and now they are a world famous. Such miracles have happened because of visual portrayal. This paper would conclude that Visual entity being powerful than writing entity through hard copies.

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