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Network marketing

I want to mention that Network is both easy and hard types of job. I think that the hardest side of job in Network is its simplicity. It is very difficult and sometimes seems impossible to begin something new in your country which is developing one. Network is the example of the type of jobs which is very difficult to develop in my country. We began to work with our relatives or with our close people because the main part of my citizens have bad way of thinking about Network. Most of our request are ignored because of that. Network is based on the faith of each other in my country. I have heard that many people which were introduced with Network, investigated or got sure that there is not anything unreliable didn’t begin to work. They are sure that one day the Company will be closed and they will lose their money. I had that fear too at the first says and I was afraid that the people whose I have invited will blame on me. Dear Onyxum I want to tell about the way that I passed and which kind of difficulties I met and now what kind of opinion I have about Network. At first I saw financial independence in Network. After some months I began look at everything differently because at the first times as I mentioned I combined two works. I couldn’t spend long time at our office and I went there rarely and felt deficiency of something. That time I decided to find another job with less working hours than previous and I did. At the first part of a day I spent at office and the second part I need to go to work. Now I remember it with a smile but in fact it was very hard for me to sleep only 2-3 hours along day and that lasted more than 2 months. Frankly said at this time I don’t believe that all these difficulties couldn’t disappoint me and I didn’t look back. Only one force or it was my purpose which pushed forward me though the long period time of refusals and negative opinions. I would like to tell about my big team, which was with me all the time: both hard and why not time of happiness. Especially my high level leaders helped me a lot. I am very grateful to them and my team members. Dear Onyxum I cab speak a lot, but I think I told the most important facts about my long and difficult way which I passes with Onyxum. Be sure you have a big and strong team in Armenia and we are ready to do more than ever done.

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