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Nora torvald letter a doll’s house

Dearest Torvald Helmer”,

It’s been two weeks without living in a family, without seeing my children, my home nor

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my husband or more like a stranger to me now. Isn’t it crazy that I used to love you

Torvald. I was nothing to you except your squirrel, skylark and songbird. I tried to help you

and the children into decorating the Christmas tree yet that was a disaster to you. The

small things, just the slightly small things that would seem nice made a big impact to you

and all because you didn’t trust me. I had no knowledge about the outside world

according to you Torvald. That’s why I couldn’t buy those macaroons or borrow any

money. Torvald, you remind me of my father. Someone who I thought that loved me”,

cared for me would die for me and save me. For you mentioned in the last hour of me at

home that if I were ever in danger you would shield me with your broad wings But in the

times when I did need your help and love you were never there for my. You wouldn’t love

me, you would call me your little songbird and shout at me if i didn’t follow your orders or

if i would ever make the slightest mistake. Living in that house made me feel like i was

trapped in your prison, cage as matter of fact ! It always had an inviting spirit with you.

The words you called me absolutely disgust me. You called me a Skylark, you made me

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feel like your pet or a wild animal. The benefits of living without a husband is that you

never feel trapped. I was a hunted dove which you snatched from the claws of a falcon.

This might seem a shock towards you Torvald but I am as a matter of fact a human being.

You treated me like an animal in a cage when you never acknowledged that I’m a human

just like you. Escaping your cage was tough but also a pleasure that i would do many

more times. Closing the front door felt like i Was opening up to a new chapter, a new life.

The new life I have in a village were I grew up is hard but amazing at the same time. I

work as a french tutor. Seeing the children there makes me think of my own. It’s upsetting

to think that the loves of my life are living with a stranger that I used to know. Someone

who cages up people and calls them there pet. If I could I would save them from such a

person, but if I do so I would be crazy because you Torvald would capture me again and

lock me up in your cage, the cage that I have once escaped but never will escape again.

The gaps in between the children teeth warm my heart. Once I have helped my students

they always smile to me and I can see there gaps in there teeth making me think of my on

children when they would smile at me with there gaps in there teeth.

It’s crazy how I’ve adapted to you, how I thought I had pleasure with you when it was all

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just a messy game messing me up. You’ve always been very kind to me .But our

home has never been anything but a playroom. I’ve been your doll-wife, just as I used to

be papa’s doll-child. And the children have been my dolls. In those eight years that I have

lived with you I have realised that I have lived with someone who I never really knew nor

loved. Like I mentioned before, I was your doll-wife and you could play with me whenever

you wanted.

I loved you Torvald , now you’re just a stranger .

Your Sincerely”,


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