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Not so social, social media

(On Video) A montage will play of different locations and people with overlapping sentences and voices.

Voice one- It destroyed me. (Bullying)

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Voice two- (Crying) It’s the last time I saw him. I didn’t even say goodbye. (Loved family member)

Voice two- I didn’t see him there. (Car crash)

Voice four- I missed watching him grow (Missing precious moments due to social media)

Voice Five- If only I looked up. (Being in beautiful places but not looking)

Voice one- It’s because of social media.

Voice two and three- social media

Voice four and five- Social media is the reason

All voices – Social media. Destroyed me.

As Video progresses the speed gets rapider and louder before going bang silent.

Jane- Five people, five very different lives. All with one common problem- social media. “Ugh great another social media talk” well lucky for you this won’t take long. On average, how much time do you spend on social media daily? (Wait for answers) Well according to Brand watch the average time spent on social media is 116 minutes a day (Factual Language). With most teenagers exceeding this time. Now, keep in mind this does not include the time spent on your computers for “school” work, or the countless YouTube video’s you all watch.

116 minutes a day, results in 812 minutes a week and 42″,224 minutes a year. That is a lot of minutes that you will never get back. That is a lot of missed opportunities. See this thing that we so call “social” Media is anything but social. These platforms that are meant to connect us are the very reason we are disconnected. We will never get back the time we have spent looking down at these screens. See the posts will always be there, but the people and surrounding’s around you will not. (People fading) For when we open our screens it’s our doors we shut. Now were just mean, we don’t listen to our gut. In fact, we do anything, but.

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(Inclusive language) Why? Why do we put ourselves through all of this? (rhetorical question) With over 4.2 billion internet users there are lots of opportunities to have multitudes of friends. You can have 1000’s of friends yet still feel lonely. See, when you get a ‘like’ ‘share’ or ‘comment’ your brain releases an endorphin called dopamine, which is the control of your brains pleasure and reward system. Hence, why social media is so darn addictive. See, we are always craving that dose of dopamine. But there are consequences that come with that addiction. (Girl on video) 12 000 friends, she has the perfect life, right? I mean look at her, she has the perfect body and she goes on the best vacations, aww look at her there with her family. It’s all an allusion. We don’t see her cry herself to sleep. We don’t see her endless hours of skipping meals and working out. We don’t see the fact that her dad left her mother for another woman when she was just 3. We don’t see that her mum is closer to dying each day.(Build then stop) We don’t see this. See that symbol that classifies you as “friends”. It doesn’t mean anything. See an online conversation does not sacrifice for a real-life conversation. A wave or poke means nothing. We are so caught up in this allusion we have forgot to connect with one another. When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone? And no, I don’t mean just hello. A real conversation, a deep one without looking at your phone. You have no worries sending that message to that girl on tinder. So, why won’t you go up to her in person. We as a generation have lost how to communicate. Our devices act as a security blanket. As soon as we are in public and placed in a situation where we are alone. We rely on our social media. So, stop scrolling through your feed for the fifth time of the day. Just look up and you will find your way.

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I want you to meet a special friend of mine, her name is reilin.

(On Video) (Antidote) Hi everyone! So… uhh.. it’s been 426 days since I last looked down at my social media. And since then, things have only been looking up. I never realised how addicted I was until I gave it up. See, like most of you I presume. It was the first thing I checked in the morning and the last thing I checked at night. (Video over laps voice) So… uhh… in one day I lost two very special people to me, and it made me realise how much I had lost myself. I began my morning as usual, then headed off to my grandparents’ house. You see I had just started talking to this new boy. We’d snapchat and things were great. I said hello to my grandparents of course. But, then I immediately went downstairs to keep snapping this boy. I didn’t engage in their conversation, he was much more interesting. I didn’t bother saying goodbye. I was too busy snapping him. Plus, they were so annoying trying to hug me when they could clearly see I was on my phone. Well, anyway I begin driving my sister and I home. When I felt, my phone vibrate. I looked down and he had tagged me in a post on Facebook, so of course I opened it I couldn’t wait till I got home. My sister begged me not to look at my phone. In that split second that I looked down, a boy had walked out in front of me. I slammed on the breaks and the rear of the car lost traction causing it to skid to the left. Crashing into a power pole. I screamed to my sister. I couldn’t hear a response. But I couldn’t move. I couldn’t see if she was okay. I couldn’t help her. At 10:02 that night she was pronounced dead. That same night I received a call. The call no one wants to hear. “Your grandfather has passed away”. That day was the last ever time I got to see him. And what was I doing? Snapping some boy that only wanted me for nudes. I Lost two very important people that day. One I never got to say goodbye to because of social media and one I killed because of social media.

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Jane: Relin learnt in one of the hardest ways possible, the extent of her addictions and the negative implications that social media can have. And that is why we are here today. To Warn you in advance the effects social media can have on your life. See, there is a difference between looking into someone eyes or at a name on a screen. We use social media as a sense on inclusion. but, it’s just one big illusion. We live in a world where we are such slaves to this technology that we are starting to lose all honesty. Self- interest, self- image, self-promotion, we do it all with no emotion. We need to learn to co- exist. Whether you’re a student, plumber or dentist. Everyone is important and there is no shame in talking to one another. You never know you could find your lover. We are surrounded by children, who think this is normal. An Ipad at 3, phone at 8. Now isn’t that just awful. We have a generation below. And their future is unknown. It’s up to us to show them. That this isn’t how we should live our lives. There is so much beauty around us. That if we just got rid of our social media. It’ll be a big plus. So, I encourage you to look up from your phone. Turn off the display. Look around at your surroundings and make the most of today. You will be proud of the life you have made, rather than watching it fade. We only have a set number of days on this earth. Don’t spend your life stuck in the net. Because at the end of it all nothing is worse then regret.

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