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Nowadays most college students are struggling with the career they chose to pursue. Because some werent really dedicated to the course they took. While some didnt have a choice. So I realized that in choosing a career it is necessary to know yourself first. I want to ask you ” Did you know yourself before making that career decision?” As a grade 10 student im still having trouble deciding what career do I want to pursue in the future. I want a career that will give me a sense of purpose. A career wherein I can say that I have an important role. It is a tough decision for me because as a kid I grew up having various interest. Looking back I used to see myself as an astronaut. I also dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. But as time passed I have ascertain that the career I want to pursue in the future is medicine.

I started off thinking I wanted to pursue Medicine because of my interest in Science. But with my discernment I think the reason runs deeper than that.

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My interest in medicine began when I entered highschool. Hospitals used to scare me. I used to look at it as a building filled with sick and dying people. But my perception changed when I saw the hopeful prospect in hospitals . My mother is a health professional in Mt. Carmel. I would always go there and wait for her time out. I would usually wait in the ER staffs room. Emergency room is the part of the hospital where you can witness dreadful situations. One time a patient was brought in. An old man who seemed to be on the point of death. He came in with his family and they were emotionally devastated. The nurses and doctors gathered to save the patients life. As I was watching it I could feel the adrenaline level of the people was high, I felt the rush and I was driven with the same energy. I felt a sudden urge to go near it so I could watch how theyll work. But my mom pushed me back and said that I am not allowed to be there. So I just sat and watched them do their work. My curiosity began to generate as I was watching them. I was amazed by their ability to think quickly in such an urgent situation. By that time im still undecided on what I want to pursue in life so I asked myself. “How does it feel to become a Doctor?” Imagine that being able to save a life.

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Knowing that you gave hope and made an impact to that person’s life. Just like a superhero you see in movies. So this, this is how I want to see myself in the future. I realized that this could be my potential career. Seeing myself on that white coat and knowing that I play an important role for the society is truly fascinating

Pursuing medicine can be an opportunity for me to combine my interest in science with helping people. Because medicine is a career not only centered around science, but it is also centered on the love to serve and help other people. So it is curiosity and compassion which drove me to the realization that I want to become a doctor.

However my parents have a different ambition for me, They want me to pursue law. But I am daring enough to follow my own ambition. I am more willing to sacrifice for a dream I truly want in my life. I should live to follow my own heart and be what I want to be not what others want to see.

I know that the road to becoming a doctor is a long process but I believe that if youre truly passionate about something time wont be such a big deal because it will pass anyway.

As for now I may seem so sure about this ambition. But change is inevitable, we’ll never know what can happen in the future. There’s still time for me to explore before I need to make a final decision. So before making a decision in your life. ask yourself first “Is this what ” Do I really want this?” “Am I still the same person after I make this decision?” Be smart with your choices and trust that God is always there in every decisions we make. You may not achieve what you aspire in life but trust that God’s dreams are bigger that ours

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