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Occupational therapy process

Magdalene is an 83 year old lady, retired nurse, widowed and lives alone in Tulse hill; she has a history of Alzheimer’s dementia and bipolar disorder. She has one daughter who lives in Norwood and visits daily. Magdalene was referred to OT following initial assessment from her care coordinator Winifred who identified concerns around the home environment and believes she will benefit from an OT assessment. She is currently receiving a twice daily reablement package of care and pays for a private carer who visits once a day.


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Magdalene is currently using a crutch to manoeuvre around the house. However her movement is observed to be very slow. Magdalene took some time to open the front door and appeared out of breath after doing so. Magdalene also has some difficulty with the steps in front of her property, which makes her reluctant to leave the home. She denied any recent falls, rugs within the home have been taped down to prevent this. Magdalene demonstrated the ability to transfer from sit to stand. Requires a Dial-a-ride to get to appointments within the community


Magdalene expressed that she has no difficulties getting in and out of the bath, the bathroom is fitted with an assisted walk in bath, which Magdalene says she is happy with. She stated that she is having showers and not baths due to a frozen shoulder and experiences pain when having a bath because of this. Magdalene is independent in her toileting, uses a raised toilet seat and over toilet frame, however has some difficulty reaching the toilet on time, therefore currently uses incontinence pads. Independently manages her medication, when Magdalene was short of breath she was able to access her asthma pump independently. She did not voice any issues with sleep. Eating well, food made by Carer and close friend.

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Domestic Tasks

Magdalene is currently unable to make her own food, Breakfast and lunch is made by her Carer and dinners are made by a friend and daughter helps plate her dinner in the evening. She is also currently unable to clean the house due to poor mobility; this is also completed by Carer

Recreation/ leisure

Magdalene is limited in her ability to leave the house and engage in social activities, she spoke about feeling lonely and having no one to speak to. Historically Magdalene has attended the Mosaic club and has been quite social in the past. She also attends church once a week. She expressed interest in attending a day centre and entertaining the possibility of a befriender. Magdalene also has a laptop and spoke about wanting to learn how to use the laptop

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