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If we are retired in our quick life today”,

Then the first picture in front of our eyes is the picture that is childhood and adolescence picture. We do not see the memories of the memories at the moment.

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The gradual development of civilization and the modernity of the traditional village of Bengal has been lost due to modernity. Today’s old people who played sports in childhood have not forgotten the sport, they have forgotten many names of the game. Once upon a time, the children and young people of the village were accustomed to various sports as well as to study. They used to play in the open field of the village. Children were involved in childhood through sports. But the loss of ground-bills and the disappearance of modern civilization, and the evolution of time, are being lost from the history of Mahakal. Rural game is our original sports culture. These games once served the traditions of our rural culture.

Today, it is difficult to find its existence today to be extinct in rural sports. Even the most popular Kabaddi, Dariyabandha, Golachhat, Baochi, Kanamachi etc. are not in the public playground in Ajapargaon. Among the games that were lost in rural sports, Ha-Doo-Doo, Kabaddi, Dariyabandha, Tumruj, Ghadan, Kho-Kho, Dungs, Golachut, Goosecht, Chikka, Ango Ango, Kutkut, Lanchi, King Kings, Bombing, Haribhavana , Wisdom, Chan, Bowling, Rug, Rope jumping, Ice water, Rope pulling, Chairs seat, Rumal theft, Eyeliner, Kanamachi, Opening bicycle, Boat boat, Horse Root, allotting levitation, aged buggy, iching beeching, ekindi mikri, jhum jhuma jhoom, notaata bolay, forehead tapa, baurani, chakka, banghanga head, stick box, bolakhela, bhicha broken, Ekkadokka, kudd kuth, milla, Ram sama jadu madu, Thieves robbers, marble, satchara, thilo ampresse, sixogooda, bullfighting, cock fighting, chilmorgha, understanding, badan, lapidi lapi, logo lago, palmi game. These traditional lost sports are no longer seen anywhere.

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These stories are now just a story to the new generation. Many people laugh at the name again. Among these sports in the village

Ha-Doo-Doo, Dariyabandha, Golachut, Baochi, Dungs were the most popular. During these games hundreds of people drifted in the playground. But now because of the open field of the village, these games are just memories. Once upon a time the children of this country played rural sports as the main game.

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