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Market The world of fashion is changing, it’s not just about the product anymore. The consumer expects a total brand experience. This can be achieved by expanding to lifestyle products. Differentiation creates the opportunity to make the brand story more authentic and thereby gain loyal customers through emotional bonding. Fashion brands can show a different side of themselves, a more timeless, personal and less superficial image. There is a big market for luxury fashion brands expanding to interior products. Brand extensions and collaborations are conceived as a part of a new cultural obsession with lifestyle brands. Brand The creations of the Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto are constructed in a way that showcases a natural interaction between fashion and architecture. Yohji Yamamoto creates not only fashion but a way of life. Through his rounded philosophy and clear vision, he has formed an entire lifestyle Yohji Yamamoto lovers want to experience and indulge in. It’s a philosophy lived and preached by his core customers. Yamamoto’s customers typically identify themselves with his values and incorporate them into their lives. They not only live by his philosophy through the garments they wear, but also by the way they furnish their homes. Trends The worlds of interior and fashion are gratefully implementing Japanese design aesthetics and philosophy. Japan has a deep and intriguing heritage. Trends such a minimalism which allows you to go back to the essence, Zen Buddhism which helps you to find a meditative state and wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic which accepts transience and imperfection, are ways of conscious living and construct an escape from the everyday chaos. Need Yohji Yamamoto’s core customers have a desire to find the Zen feeling in essential products through a wabi-sabi appreciation. Opportunity Having cohesion in one’s aesthetics creates harmony in one’s self identity. Furniture is the second most used category of items in one’s life apart from clothing. If a brand wants to truly create a ‘cult of aesthetics’, it will have to embrace becoming a complete lifestyle brand including a furniture line. “For Yohji Yamamoto, design has multiple meanings, the products of his imagination are part of a holistic ensemble. So, it’s not surprising that the world of Yohji Yamamoto should find its completion in product expansion”, quote by Irene Silvagni, who has been working with Yohji Yamamoto for more than twenty years as his creative director. Goal By launching a brand extension in the form of an interior proposition, Yohji Yamamoto can strengthen the connection with his customers.

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