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Organization’s leadership style and performance

Organization 1

Emirates Islamic Bank


Emirates Islamic Bank provides a number of services to its customers to ease them as well as to make processing easier and faster for their customers. Some of them are:

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a) Emarati Credit Cards.

b) QuickRemit.

c) Easy Payment Plans.

d) Personal Finance.


f) Cash on Call.

Vision and Mission:

To be the main supplier of elevated requirement Shari’a-consistent creative budgetary items, quality administration and predominant incentive for our clients, investors, workers and the network. Our vision is obviously centered around taking Emirates Islamic to the following dimension of progress, growing the range of the association on a neighborhood and provincial dimension. We are headed to building our association on the two mainstays of Personal and Commercial Banking, which will fill in as the motor for our future development.

Giving inventive and elevated expectation monetary items and administrations administered by Islamic Shari’a arrangement to advance the general public. Our main goal drives us to concentrate on the requirements of our clients, for now or tomorrow as well as at each significant defining moment in their lives. We do as such by concentrating on development to make the correct items and administrations that can enable us to address the issues of these clients.

Leadership Style:

Islamic banking is the latest tool for money management and follows the framework of sharia law. This law supports “Riba” which forbids to take interest. This cutting of interest allows customers to take risk and allowing investors to work more efficiently generating higher profits. This not only attracts the Muslim but any customers not related to religion invest and take benefit. Foreign investments strengthen the bank and creates a good reputation in market and making it portable for all kind of customers on different levels.

Emirates Islamic Bank cut the transportation troubles of its customers by providing online services to its customers. These services include transfer of funds, cheque book request, online self-registration, auto recharge for payments and online saving account opening etc. These online services not only protect the customers from stress of transportation but also maintains the security of their account by maintaining high security online stopping the hackers from retrieving any kind of data from customer.

Emirates Islamic Bank consider its employees to be its utmost precious asset and spends thousands of dollars on their training and comfort which attracts more employees creating the strength of company and making it a better competitor in the market. They focus not only the loyalty of their customers but also the loyalty of their employees which makes it one of the most opportunity given corporate in the world. It also arranges schooling of young graduates as well as students up to age of 20 for their proper training and are provided with certificates which shall help them to be an Emiratian and expand Emiratization. This shall make use of non-utilized talent among society and put it in a good use.

Emirates Islamic Bank also eliminates the delay and waiting time for customers by providing an easier interface to its customers having a user-friendly environment and icons that are smooth to interact and faster to response. It displays all the data to customer in a single screen preventing customer to move on to a different window again and again. Hyperlinks are added to enable customer easily access most used features like transfer funds and payments etc. Emirates Islamic Bank destroys the waiting time for customers by giving its customers a smart pass which frees the customers from waiting for SMS to get authenticated and proceed. This saves time and make the process faster and safer.

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Alternative Leadership Style:

Sharia framework attracts the investors but sometimes lead to liquefy the bank. Prohibition of interest causes the lack of core ingredient to manage the demand and supply of loanable funds restricting banks to use discount rate policies. Many banks have promoted liquidity management departments to deal with liquidity efficiently but it leaves banks with only a limited amount of resources.

One possible solution could be the development of a whole new division under the supervision of governor holding the authority of banking and finance and a department for Sharia supervision board to make sure all Islamic banks are following the Islamic ways. More cash balance depicts the simplest way to measure liquidity. Higher cash ratio gives greater reserve for liquidity. Another possible solution is investment to asset ratio, more amount of it results in lesser amount of liquid assets. Another possible solution is by creating a secondary market for Sharia compliance where banks could source some of short-term capital to prevent themselves from getting liquefied. Providing deposit certificates for liquid assets to invest and generating profit from investments could lessen the risk of liquefaction of bank. However, as an Islamic bank must follow the framework of Sharia so the certificate process must be followed by the Murabaha structure. The fact that the ratio of liquid assets increases loan interest rates and profits of banks where at the same time many factors have negatively affected the liquidity of banks. Such factors include size of the bank, interest of market rate and the transaction conducted inter banks.

When looking at kinds of leadership that do actually well in the business world, Transformative Leadership truly sparkles, as an inside and out viable methodology. It urges representatives to think basically and the pioneers is regularly rousing. These leaders have a major vision, and they are charming and inspiring. Transformative leader will require committed ma that have an increasingly nitty gritty methodology, to guarantee that managerial assignments and every day forms are set up.

When choosing how to lead, you’ll have to take various things into thought. Here are a couple of the elements that will impact which the board style you’ll have to utilize:

• The sort of business you oversee.

• The volume of work that should be finished sooner rather than later.

• Your identity and inborn administration characteristics.

• The identities and demeanors of the staff you’re at present overseeing.

When you’ve considered these elements, you’re good to go.

To be an uplifting head is no simple assignment, yet it is incredibly powerful when achieved. The moving kind of the executive’s style requires brilliant relationship building abilities, a major heart, and a legitimate want to enable your representatives to create both in and outside of the work environment. You’re not worried about how things complete, as long as they complete well and in the fastest manner conceivable. You’re hoping to have genuine, mindful discussions about improving your business, which engages your staff and may even give some creative arrangements.

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Organization 2

Air Arabia


Air Arabia is an Emirati ease carrier with its head office in the A1 Building Sharjah Freight Center, Sharjah International Airport. The airline operates planned services to 151 destinations in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Central Asia and Europe to 22 nations from Sharjah, 28 destinations in 9 nations from Casablanca, Fez, Nador and Tangier, 11 destinations in 8 nations from Ras Al Khaimah, and 6 destinations in 4 nations from Alexandria. Air Arabia’s fundamental base is Sharjah International Airport. There is likewise a center in Ras Al Khaimah and center urban areas in Alexandria and Casablanca. Air Arabia is an individual from the Arab Air Carriers Organization. Air Arabia was built up on 3 February 2003 by an Amiri order issued by Sultan container Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah and individual from the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates, turning into the primary low-charge carrier in the Middle East. The aircraft began activities on 28 October 2003 with the main departure from Sharjah, UAE to Bahrain International Airport. The carrier was productive from the main year of being good to go.

The airline was recorded on the Dubai Financial Market and exchanged under ticker image: (DFM: AIRARABIA) is presently a holding organization with resources worth over AED 10 billion. The aircraft started creating a benefit in the main year of activity. Air Arabia today comprises of a gathering of aircrafts and organizations offering travel and the travel industry benefits over the Middle East and North Africa. The directorate comprises of seven individuals. The present board was chosen in March 2014 for a time of three years. Arabia intently screens its board’s activities and debilitates the exchange of offers inside the board individuals. In 2014, the board individuals did not partake in any exchange of Air Arabia Shares.

Leadership Style:

The quality that recognizes CEO Adel Ali is his accomplishment situated initiative where he set clear and testing objectives for subordinates. He indicates trust in his subordinates and supports them in achieving those high objectives. A persuading model regarding that is his accomplishment in propelling an aircraft’s framework from nothing down the middle a year while the airlines business standard is generally around 1.5 years.

Air Arabia isn’t just dedicated to giving reasonable air travel but on the other hand is committed to inspiring the lives of the less blessed. Assuming liability of the social needs of neighborhood and global networks and supporting them has had an influence in the transporter’s prosperity. To this end, Air Arabia has executed a Corporate Social Responsibility program for economic advancement with an accentuation on giving better training and medicinal services to underprivileged networks. Air Arabia was among the first to present a maintainable CSR activity by propelling ‘Charity Cloud’ venture in a joint effort with Sharjah Charity International. The program points in raising assets through specific activities, for example, on-board gifts. The store is raised, gathered yearly and re-put resources into instructive and restorative consideration foundations in nations in need crosswise over Air Arabia arrange.

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Air Arabia keeps on being perceived, locally and globally for its solid execution and network endeavors. In March, Air Arabia got the ‘Corporate Editor Choice Award’ at the 2018 Air Transport Awards sorted out via Air Transport News held in Dubai, UAE. This honor is a showing of Air Arabia’s proceeded with promise to traveler fulfillment and improvement inside the business. The transporter likewise won Best Arabian Airline 2018 at the Asian Arab Awards held in Bangalore, India, and in December 2018, Air Arabia was respected the Aviation Achievement Award remembering its 15 years of accomplishment.

Air Arabia added 26 new courses to its worldwide system in 2018 from its working centers in the UAE, Morocco and Egypt. The bearer took conveyance of 3 new aircraft and finished the year with an armada of 53 Airbus A320 aircraft working to more than 155 courses over the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. In October, Air Arabia praised 15 years of effective activities which changed the air travel industry in the more extensive MENA area by uncovering another brand personality that is intelligent of its imaginative forward-looking and global methodology.

Alternative Leadership Style:

More leaders are directing their concentration toward the possibility approach for their initiative, which comprises of estimating adequacy of a leader by properly fitting the leader’s conduct and style to the states of a particular circumstance. An initiative style that changes depends on 3 factors:

1-Leader’s style, attributes, conduct and position

2-Follower’s needs, development, preparing and attachment

3-Situation as far as structure, task, frameworks, condition

Inventive are bound to pursue the possibility approach as opposed to a universalistic methodology in their authority conduct.

A few styles of leadership depend on the identity of the leader for course. Styles of leadership depending on a solid head incorporate pacesetting, in which the leader sets elevated requirements and might be fanatical about accomplishing. In the directing style of authority, the leader “orders” workers in the way of the military. This style might be helpful in emergency circumstances. In the training style of leadership, the leader works coordinated with specialists to guide them and improve execution. Some leadership styles center around support. One of these is the majority rule style of leadership. In this style, the pioneer utilizes singular workers’ information and abilities to help assemble an accord for what bearing the association should move in. This style is fitting when there are a few bearings an association could take. The affiliative style of authority underlines collaboration. In this style. the leader attempts to upgrade cooperation and improve interchanges and assurance. This style may help organizations where workers have moved toward becoming unhappy because of poor interchanges.

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