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Our contemporary civilization is no more moral than those that came before

Last updated on 25.05.2020

Can this be called progress?

Undoubtedly, humans have progressed with aspect to the technology but their moralities are still going downward day by day with the same pace. The question is always the same that our contemporary civilization is no more moral than those that came before.

The articles on technological development can be seen everywhere and every time but the topic of morality has nothing to do with these things. Technology cannot determine human success, these are the collective moralities of the society which determine the actual progress.

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Morality in society

The evaluation results of the morality are still the same that was before, the nations still fight for no reason, the racism remains, and gender discrimination is also at the same level. Morality helps in the character building of the society and it has an impressive impact on the nation building. But unfortunately, instead of building minds our nations have worked in the technological development which has long-lasting devastating effects.

Technology helped them to build powerful weapons from which they tried to excel each other and tried to turn each other’s pride to dust.

Former American president John F. Kennedy once talking about Israel’s war of independence against the British saw rebels and revolutionaries embracing violence against the English, including terrorist attacks said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Is racism alive?

Similarly, extending the same thing leads us to the racism inside these nations. Again, the question arises that why there is the superiority of the white race over the black race? The answer lies only in the moralities of society instead of technological development. People are still judged by their colors, caste, and creed but not by their character. Former American president Martin Luther King Jr. was killed because of the same consequences of racism when he was leading the Civil Rights Movement for his race.

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They were considered as slaves and overwork was taken by them with lesser salary than the white ones (Townsend Davis). And still the story goes on. Moreover, these talks lead to discrimination as well. Man and woman are the two supporting wheels of the society but our activities don’t admire this policy because our moralities have not changed and they are just like the old times.

The eternal struggle for equality

The Woman has still no rights for her to do anything she wants. She is bounded to others for her rights. Low job rates, less academic institutions, and better health facilities are still not available for them. According to the U.N. report on gender discrimination in Pakistan (2018), only 74 percent of women have an average of less than 6 years of education.

It is only because they are still considered inferior to man and it is a global problem which needs to be resolved. To put all the discussion in a nutshell, we must say that the world is progressing day by day technologically but its contemporary civilization is just like the old times.

Assessment and Analysis

Peace among nations, color perceptive, and gender equality are still the frail point of today’s humans. Technological development can sure us only the progress with respect to the country or world but it cannot sure the progress with respect to the nation or humanity.

Only the collective morality of the nation can determine that they are sure to succeed. So, we must conclude that our contemporary civilization is no more moral than those that came before only priorities have changed so far.

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