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Personal statement on international fashion marketing

For me there was no eureka moment, when I decided that my future lay in fashion. Growing up, in a family of designers, I always imagined my career in this field. By applying in International Fashion Marketing course for my postgraduate study, this will be helpful for me to bring innovation in fashion industry in my country. I have learned the importance of team work for developing successful marketing strategies, through my work and academic experience. As a professional, we need to put a lot of effort to work, and to promote products effectively we need a deep understanding of products and consumers desire.

I have done my degree in Textile Design (major) with other subjects like communication skills, fashion marketing (minor), Photography (minor) etc. By studying Fashion Marketing, this develops my interest to study fashion as a business for my career. Being a textile student I have knowledge about fabrics, its strengths and weaknesses, and by using my design aesthetics I can convert a fabric and my own developed surfaces into my designed tailored cuts and statement pieces. To understand the fashion marketing deeply, I decided to study International fashion marketing course in Glasgow Caledonian University which covers all factors regarding fashion marketing for a student who wants to do business or achieve highest positions in Fashion Industry, because brand needs to get its acceptance from consumers to maintain its position in market which is a Fashion Marketer job. For instance, many European brands are recognizable in Pakistan like Gucci, Channel etc. However, several others well known remains unfamiliar to the public in Pakistan. Here the task of Fashion Marketing professional to set strategies for the acceptance of lesser-known brand.

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In addition to my studies, my final thesis represents the close relation of human and nature, which I showed by using unconventional material in textile technique through installation by serving a purpose for visual merchandiser (as a space designer).I also studied one year professional diploma in graphic design, where I redesigned advertisement posters for Mother Care brand.

Apart from studies, being a NCAITE we have a lot of other opportunities to show our skills. I do often perform mime society in my college and in its production. I also perform mime in coca cola women empowerment event and also took part in coca cola advertisement idea collection competition where only 50 ideas were selected and I was one of them. Helping unfortunate children of my society and provide them shelter and food, and volunteering for different musical events, art galleries and different fashion shows like PFDC in my country gave me sense of responsibility, team work and social connection. As a freelance makeup artist, I have an opportunity to do magic with my hands on others faces to feel them beautiful. In my leisure time, I love to listen music of different themes according to my mood, through designing different wearable cuts for myself I can easily convert my ideas into existence. I love listening ted talks which is a motivational support for me. Hanging out with friends and discussing about latest fashion and makeup trends keeps me updated.

Because I aspire to become a professional in International Fashion Marketing course, the decision to pursue my masters from UK was a natural decision. Textile Industry has its great influence in Pakistan and the fashion marketing field is still in its relative infancy, but as time passing, fashion industry is showing advancement in different aspects, but the academic program are equally limited. Study in UK also helpful for me, because English is my second language and I have studied all my courses in English in my school and college, which is why I can understand this language effectively, apart from studies, I can read books, articles and watch seasons in English.

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Studying this course from GCU will furthermore allow me to learn from qualified professionals, with people from different backgrounds and cultures. After completing this course, I will return back to Pakistan and begin working in fashion industry in my country by applying the skills that I learned in this course by helping consumers better understanding on their brands choice. In addition, it is my goal to introduce technology and using of unconventional material in fashion industry and making of statement pieces for niche market, just like Iris Van Herpen whose work always inspire me of high-Tech use in her unexceptional work, because designers in my country are still limited to experiment common materials at some extent, because the lack of knowledge and unavailability of this course professionally. I also like to serve my society through my work by solving the social issues by bringing advancement in my country by studying this course. With my backgrounds and ambitions, I believe that I can be attest to your school and make many positive contributions.

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