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Phone security

First things first, how many times have you used your mobile phone today? Maybe you unlocked it to take a picture, or probably to check the feed of your social media. Did you leave your Location enabled by accident and gave permission to servers to collect data of the recent places you have been? I am sure you feel guilty for almost everything mentioned above and there is nothing to feel ashamed of. We all do mistakes by not knowing the consequences of these actions. They all lead us to one thing, personal data security. Each passing day people fall prey of online predators and “traps” that steal our information’s and threat our privacy through our beloved device. The worst aspect of it is that “victims” don’t know how to react to such crimes. This essay will provide multiple cases proving why we can’t trust our smartphones anymore.

Overall, everybody including me, loves their smartphone. Why? It’s our best friend, hands down, that accompanies us all the time. Probably the best time “killer” ever. Also it is very helpful and comes to our need for almost every situation that we might have, from calling or chatting, to browsing the internet to find information’s. But it doesn’t end there. A study made in U.S, states that 95% of all Americans between 12 to 17 years are online and they are free to look up anything they desire to, without parental control. To be able to access the internet at such a young age with no restrictions can lead to giving critical information, such that in wrong hands might be a big threat to them. Even if people don’t share their data, just by connecting to internet everything is no longer private. Hackers can easily get inside of your mobile phone and access contacts, gallery, messages, home address, house security codes, credit card numbers, in other words someone else is having access in your life. The best part here is that you are allowing them to do it by not protecting your device properly.

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For instance, an experiment including a seven-year-old British girl with a laptop and a tutorial, tried to hack one of 270″,000 public Wi-Fi spots in London. She managed pull off the attack in just 10 minutes and steal virtual data from random people who were connecting to that specific internet hotspot. A security expert named Marcus Dempsey who oversaw the experiment stated “Adults need to get their heads around online security basics – and stick to them whenever they connect to an unsecure network”. The company that came up with this experiment did a survey where they found that 59% of people, regularly use unsecure open Wi-Fi. 39% of them send private emails and messages while 19% log-in to their online banking.

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