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Cassius Incorporation has become a well-known cell phone company that was created by a small family in Newburgh, New York in 2000. The company was founded by Mary Scott and her co-owner and husband, Leonard Scott. The company has been thriving ever since the family decided to stop being scared of losing everything to create their business and more focused on winning everything because of it. Cassius Incorporation has been creating a new smartphone called ‘Flexii’ which is modernized to be the ‘go to’ for millennials, yet easy enough to be taught to the older generations. The new phone’s abilities have been created to avoid daily hurdles experienced with conventional smartphones in today’s market – such as fragility, low battery life, limited memory, and inefficient device to device interaction among others. It was scheduled to be released in May 15, 2019 and be on the shelves by June 1, 2019 but due to challenges with the design, the release has been delayed. The design engineers are actively working on a new design therefore the day for launch will be delayed by a maximum of six months.

Communicating this message to the President, Mary, will focus on three major aspects of importance. She will be informed that the completion of the project has been delayed from May 2019 until November 2019 with emphasis that all teams are working day and night to address the hurdle that this delay will cause. In the communication, it will also focus on informing her about the exact hurdle and its extent. The description of what is going on will be clear and descriptive to make sure she understands the exact message. Mary will then be informed about general challenges being faced by the team where short-term solutions will be recommended as well. Lastly, she will be informed about the new schedules in order to encourage a quick response.

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While the President of Cassius Inc may be disappointed with the delay, the customers were the main focus, as they are what keep the business running. The customers are the ones who were excited to purchase the item they had been tempted with for so long already. When it comes to communicating the message to the customers, it will contain three major elements. They will be informed that the scheduled launch and release will be delayed due to challenges with the design that were recently discovered. The consumers need to know the facts of the issue as a means of illustrating loyalty and making them feel as part of the organization. They will also be informed about the new launch and release dates. This will make them have the courage to wait longer as it will be definite. Finally, they will be informed that the delay will help the Cassius team make the device even better than what the company previously expected – reassuring it is worth waiting for the new dates. By delivering this message to the customers, it will serve as a motivator for not only the company to make everything right, but for the customers as well as they’ll be more excited of what kind of product the company is working on.

When it comes to modes of communication, the President will be contacted and updated with news through their internal and official email. The reason for choosing this options is the fact that it will address the situation being faced by the organization in a quick and organized manner. Additionally, this option will help serve as a reference for the president, should they need to refer to it at a later time for reference or need to follow up with fast responses. She can always retrieve the information for future reference. For the consumers, the company should consider inductive or deductive sequence as described by Lehman and Dufrene in the textbook. Deductive order is the main idea first and inductive order are the details first (Lehman & DuFrene, 2018, p. 54). It is important to consider these two in order to not discourage or antagonize the customers (Lehman & DuFrene, 2018, p. 54). Cassius Inc. can use all online platforms, but majorly the official website and social media pages. These two will allow for a faster release of information and will also help the organization in order to gather feedback and reactions from the customers. In this age, online platforms have become key tools for communication which are cheaper, quicker and more efficient when compared to the conventional methods.

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When communicating with important and a large amount of people, one must pay attention to the channel and the message being released. Whenever there is a change in plans, it is imperative that all owners and stakeholders are immediately notified through the proper channels. The company President as a key figure in a company must be notified through official channels such as emails as they typically have assistants who can relay the information soon and in person when the President is not available to speak on the phone. The message to the individuals needs to be detailed and any new changes to fix the issues must be communicated. On the other hand, the customers are also key stakeholders who also must be alerted as well. This can be done through online platforms as they are cheaper, quicker, and more efficient. They also enable an organization gather feedbacks and evaluate reactions.

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