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Poetry discussion

Here, Creativity is the theme that is being explored. We let our imagination go on a wild trip because its strength can only be fathomed. Imagination can help infuse happiness and lighten a moment or any bad circumstance by gestures, facial expression and through writing. The speaker can temporarily jump out of character or the current environment and take a different form entirely new to invent a different scene in the reader’s mind. For example, while his hands are on the white light of the lantern, his palm becomes a horse, an alligator and a swan.

Imagination has been presented in a surprising way to bring cheer yet also empowering because it transcends into a different place and time with different activities in short time frames that depict a change of environment by the use of different “animals” the palms become. The different places and time do not take into consideration the norm yet are presenting the poem in a captivating manner that can win affection and introduce a serene environment. They also savor the emotional appetite of the audience as one can eternalize a totally different moment mentally and within a short time, the scenes change (O’Donnell, 2016). Adrenaline is raised and the audience served with a creative piece that is tantalizing to their taste buds that paint mental pictures like in a slide presentation.

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Taking an imaginative flight is always powerful and captivating that can leave readers at the edge of their emotion with awe. Participation is almost encouraged because people get lost in such moments by adrenaline creating a feel-good moment. Such wholesome pieces are normally best for especially young audiences because their meaning is simple to grasp with items they can easily identify with. Such items being hidden behind simple gestures as hand motions now defy all odds to top the icing on the cake.

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The change of environments in a split of a moment also encourages role play and plays with the readers’ imagination. Hence the piece can be used for dramatization or as a skit with the young as a way of eternalizing it as it calls on participation. It is simple and easy to remember making it lovable tantalizing to young readers taste buds. Its simplicity too can help the young understand and grasp poetic themes making poetry lovable and art to reckon with early in life like a palm of a hand, that is simply just a hand, becoming a swan with a figure`s beak.

Moreover, this poetry piece allows the speaker to engage an enthusiastic mind and takes part in a mental journey otherwise not possible in the physical realm. Hence, this piece comes out as catchy too with an engagement with different and simple environments that gives it a colorful notion and good moments to embrace. The jumping out of character and taking on a new character or role play makes it rich too sweeping away gloomy or bad moments and ushering in light, happy moments. The supernatural is brought to life and given a new environment. For example like new stars being born, inside Orion’s sword.

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