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Position paper on germany

Committee: General Assembly Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Topic: Developing a Global Approach to the Integration of the Disabled

Country: The Federal Republic of Germany ID Number: 911018101

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The human race and disability discrimination have evolved hand in hand throughout history, however, man has been awakening to see reality from the blinds’ eyes, and building one bereft of inequity. That people with disabilities are the world’s largest minority group and account for about 10% of the world’s population1 makes Developing a Global Approach to the Integration of the Disabled ultimately pivotal for the General Assembly to tackle. That being said, 8.4% of the German population is of special needs, which justify our pursuit to effectuate the rights of the disabled nationally and internationally.

Nationwide, The Federal Republic of Germany has put strong principles in mind implied by the German Basic Law, “No person shall be disfavored because of a disability”2. The German government has implemented the Social Code which ensures rehabilitation, health insurance, and integration support3. As well as the Personal Budget Program that has been a legal right since 20083.Furthermore, on a local level, there emerged a number of associations concerning disability such as DBSV that syndicates and synchronizes the work of 20 corporations, helping 36″,000 blind and partially sighted people 4. Another organization is Rotenburger Werke that is this unique whole that offers people with disabilities the ideal place for a fulfilling life5.

Outside the local boarder, Germany was a partner country in the Bulgarian project ‘Chance for better opportunity’ whose supreme goal is integrating disabled people in the labour market6. By the same token, The Republic has signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on 30 March, 2007 and officially ratified it on 24 February 20097, and took part in its sessions. Germany also started the sector project on Inclusion of People with Disabilities made to order by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development8, been a member of Global Partnership for Education since 2005 that includes disabled students in its plans9 “,and has taken part in the CBM organization10.

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Last but most certainly not least, considering the assessment of the phenomenon of disabled persons, it is urged that nations start moving. We have seen location apps; why not use them to navigate for specialized health centers? People are so taken aback by social media; why not make national videos on how to file a disability claim to benefit from services? And for further acceptance, the wheelchair community should be increasingly represented in motion pictures, not to mention special sports events should be globally held. In higher elaboration, public and private signs should include braille features, and the history of the disabled should be widely tough in schools. Finally, it is advised that community gardens are built; people can plant vegetables and fruits, sold in a market, in which all the profits are donated to associations that help the disabled. References:

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