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Principles of ethics

Many of the values and beliefs I possess, I actually developed at very early age. And as I have grown, my values have also changed or gone through numerous tests. And though I have held onto most of my values and beliefs, I believe that my life’s experiences have been the best teacher. I have made regrettable decisions and some that I am proud of. I find that whenever I am faced/ tasked with responsibilities that require my accountability, I have to ask myself a few questions: Is my decision going to result in good or bad? How will my decisions affect those around me? Would I be proud if this decision? Will my decisions make me a better person? I grew up in the up-country farm. We were always surrounded by family and relatives who would visit and stay for lengthy days at will. From age 10, I was put to work helping to plant maize seeds and vegetables, and eventually learning how to till and harvest our produce. I was taught to value hard work, how to care for others and how to live honestly. My parents were staunch Christians (my dad being a deacon in church, whereas my mum would sing in the choir), so from a very young age, I was also instilled with the love for God and His teachings, according to the Bible. As I got older, I personalized my spiritual journey and relationship with God. I, thus, admit that my personal journey with God and my personal ethics are still being developed and shaped. Some behaviors that I may have thought were acceptable in the past (and easily gotten away with), I have matured and no longer view them the same. I think that having great parents, good role models, teachers, and a modest (and spiritual) upbringing helped me to not only develop a sense of right and wrong, but also to question right and wrong. I suppose somewhere along the way I learnt to treat every human with dignity and respect, no matter what. I learnt that it’s okay to make mistakes and to forgive. I learnt to look for the bigger picture but to remember there will always be things I cannot see, cannot know, and may never be in control of. Despite the pains of life, I choose not to walk in fear; but learnt to love others, to be optimistic, to hope, and to appreciate the good things. As previously mentioned, my values and spiritual beliefs have shaped my personal ethics. I believe my passions in life are greatly influenced by my personal values, principles and ethics. And how I choose to define my ethics on a personal level will eventually affect my role in the society at large.

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