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Russian influence in recent us elections

In November 8, 2016 elections which were made in the U.S, on the other hand, Donald Trump from Republican Party, Gary Johnson from Libertarian Party, Jill Stein from Green Party and lastly Democrat’s party nominee Hillary Clinton raced, the other hand Barack Obama was not able to put his candidacy because of he has selected 2 term in a row. Although Clinton accessed the most votes in point of a total number of votes, Donald Trump received 304 electoral votes and H. Clinton received 227 electoral votes. Thus, Donald Trump began to serve as a president of the 45th U.S. president of the U.S on January 20, 2017. However, after Trump’s inauguration, there were so many discussions about whether the Russia Government has manipulated the elections or not. Also, FBI and CIA declared that Russian government arranged campaign for the sake of Trump’s selection and at the same time it aimed to damage Clinton’s campaigns.(Masters, 2018)

Trump has rejected and denied these claims, he said “hoax” for these claims. Alright… Has Russian Government really affected U.S. elections? Did the Trump conspire with Russia? Did Russia Government play a role an American citizens’ selecting Trump?

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How was the relationship between the U.S and Russia?

Before we look at the researches and investigations about Russian interference in 2016 U.S elections, we should focus briefly on the relations between U.S – Russian leaders. As we know, because of their power struggles, Russia and U.S. hadn’t had a good relationship throughout history. If we look at the US-Russia relations before the Trump, Barack Obama’s time, firstly when Putin went to a conference in Munich and his speech made the relationship between them more feverish, he argued that “Unilateral and frequent illegitimate actions caused new human tragedies and created new centres of tension “….” The United States has overstepped its national borders in every way.”(The Economist”,2007) Relations between Russia And U.S.A were disrupted by his conversation. Later, events that follow increased the gap between Russia and U.S.A government. For example, War between Georgia and Russia in 2008, “Arab Spring” events and the Syrian Civil War which is the last link of this chain, and recently most talked about Crimea’s occupation by Russia and followed by Ukraine Crisis . After that time, presidents of the period “,expressed their discontentment against each other clearly and rumors of “new cold war” is started spreading. Otherwise, when we look at the relationships between Hillary Clinton and Putin, it cannot be said that she has a good effect on Putin, Clinton was more wicked than Obama in Putin’s eyes, she was shaping the structure of U.S. with his combativeness and also she was barrier by means of the continuity of Russia’s effect. Although the ice mountains seen between Obama and Putin, this situation is different for the Putin – Trump duo. During the 2000s relations between Trump and Putin was not too bad. Trump thinks that maybe Putin would be one of the best leaders that Russia can ever has. Also, Trump did not want to sanctions against Russia which made by West power and he objected to it and he was interrogated the entity of NATO. He perplexed the people with his tweet which mentioned before the Miss Universe Pageant. Trump: “Do you think Putin will be going to the Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow. If so will he become my new best friend?”(Twitter”,2013) Upon this, most of the people tweeted to Trump as a response. Although Mr. Putin didn’t agree with the Obama government, he seemed to maintain good relations with Trump’s government.

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Russian Influence

In early January, two weeks ago before Trump started serving , rumors of Russian’s meddling to elections began to appear. The First allegations came the state’s national intelligence officials: “Putin organized a campaign to impress Clinton’s elections and to promote Trump”(Time”,2018). The allegations about Russian interference in recent U.S elections have appeared in this form. After that, many investigations are started to learn whether Putin’s intervention or not and the conduction among Trump and Putin. According to Mueller’s final report(see column right), Barr who is a public prosecutor argued that “Russia government and Trump has no conspiracy”. (CBC News, 2019)

Actually, Russian intervention goes back to two years ago before the recent elections, in 2014 Russian government gave the mission to two Russian women are to gather information on America Diplomacy and also they created various fake accounts which can seem as American citizens that’s why they’re carried out another operation .Moreover, Programmers of Russian Government accelerated works, they began to access DNC and they stole large size datas after Trump declared that his nomination for elections. As soon as Trump’s candidacy was announced, various accounts that can be Kremlin-supporter which is created by hackers began to create the perception for selection of Trump. One day, when Rob Goldstone send email to Mr. Trump Jr. “,he made clear his intentions, his mail was about their wish to promote Trump’s campaign against Hillary Clinton. When positive answer is received from Trump Junior , he, Manafort, Kushner got together, is it the sign? Can it be evidence? A Few days after the date”,the U.S. government surprisingly learned that the Russian government obtained the website and Clinton’s private mails. Cyber terrorists were aiming to share the individual mails. It can be said that Russia influenced elections in 3 way : mobilization via Facebook Twitter etc., hacking some documents and lastly creating a perception on Trump’s campaign. Oxford Internet Institute agrees that , Russia manipulated electors via social media, Kremlin -supporter social media accounts that use the mechanism of Facebook revealed that Russia has manipulated the U.S’s military personnel and veterans and they also manipulated the specific target groups in the same way. These contents are more conservative and the U.S is close to the right line as politically.(BBC News”,2018) On the other hand, this issue is concerned of the CEO of Facebook, but he thought that “the idea of misinformation on facebook affecting the election is a crazy idea.”(The Guardian”,2017) Another point which takes attention is that Russian trolls are played their roles very well, they made American citizens believe that they were real accounts. Also, this manipulation was not limited to Facebook and Twitter, it reached out to Pinterest. Moreover, the other campaign is intended for African-American votes which are important for the Democratic party, some violence videos against African-Americans are manipulated by hackers to target groups, the purpose of this, eradicating their positive approach for Clinton . Altough these are putting Russian existence in the elections concretely, whether how is effective or not can be discussed. What happened when these are learned ? Firstly, It can be said that not only democrats reacted to this event but also, it is reacted by Republicans. On one hand, Altough Trump’s comments, most of the republicans believe that Russia is meddling to recent U.S elections and also there is an effect of the Russian government to the U.S democratic process. The other hand Democrats don’t think that Clinton’s defeat as only Russian Government’s meddling.

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Alright … Why did Putin help Trump to win elections ? Was the purpose really helpful ? In my opinion, Putin and the Russian Government’s real purpose is not directly deal with Trump, Hence he was feeding antipathy towards Clinton and Obama , Trump is the only tool for his aims for Russia and in order to ensure Russia’s sovereignty and prosperity. Another aim of Putin with this interference is that by damaging the U.S.A.’s image and reliance and increasing own reliance in the eyes of Western power. I mean , Putin wanted to seem like a friend but disguised as an enemy, If you can’t be able to your opponents “,you can reach your goal by appearing to be her friend .Moreover, Russia’s annexation of Crimea (February – March 2014), Ukraine Crisis and in line with this Obama Government’s imposing sanctions over Russia are effective factors in Putin and Russian government interference’s to recent U.S elections. These sanctions restricted access of the Russian banks, industry companies, other sanction’s contents are about oil explorations and the use of military material. Also, this causes to huge inflation in Russia, in this line causes Putin’s rage and claims of “ New Cold War “ among the U.S.A and the Russia government. Conversely, Trump has seemed as Russian friend in a conflict on Ukraine and Syria, so with together Trump’s attitude , Putin had followed a way that in line shaping Russian foreign policy.

While the Mueller report is continuing for 2 years, most of the time there is a contradiction between Mueller’s and Trump’s explanations.Also, Mueller still cannot explain exactly that questions of interference, but shreds of evidences are in a direction that there was intervention. Putin and his government interfered but when we think about that was it enough to changing election results, it is discussed. Probably, he may not even believe it.

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