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Safety within the community


There won’t be only permanent residents in our settlement, but also tourists will visit our settlement from earth or other settlements for business purposes or vacations. So, as KAAVYA is designed for 36″,000 permanent residents and 4000 visitors, there are also facilities available for these visitors to visit and stay in our settlement.

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Any space vehicle arriving at or departing from KAAVYA will be settled at the Launchpad. From there, out of the three elevators, one is specifically assigned for the arrival and departure of the visitors. So, those will be the main arrival and departure areas and will take them at the entry of the different tori. There, by checking their VISA, they will be given a tourist identity card (only after their checking) which will allow them entry to every torus. Further Visitor accommodations for the visitors will be done in the residential areas.


As we have discussed that there will be in all 250 buildings constructed in the residential torus, 20 will be assigned as hotels for the tourists visiting KAAVYA. Each building is a 7-storey building consisting of 2 houses on each floor. Each house will be 7.5 m square house.

Here, the furniture will be less as compared to the residential houses as it is just a hotel designed for a temporary stay, this furniture will also be made up of foldable plastic. All these hotels will be public hotels which will be ran and maintained by the government.

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The home design will be same as the single bedroom, hall and kitchen house design.

The visitors will also be provided access to the recreational areas for spending their spare time and they can also visit the other places in KAAVYA to know about the different technologies used to develop KAAVYA.


Safety is the major concern and our first priority to ensure a safe life in our settlement. It is our duty to make every resident feel comfortable as well as safe in KAAVYA. So, we have tried our best to provide the best safety arrangements for the people in KAAVYA.

Every permanent resident residing in KAAVYA will be provided with a KAAVYA IDENTITY CARD which will be their proof of being a citizen of KAAVYA. This card will be accessible to a person only if he agrees all the terms and conditions for living in KAAVYA. This card will also be the access for the entry and exit from one torus to the other and also as an entry and exit from the settlement.

These types of identity cards will also be given to the visitors after checking their VISA at the main entry gate of the settlement. Also, the entrance of every torus will be made up using the X-ray scanner technology to check the visitors as well as their luggage before entering the torus. The scanners will make a siren if any dangerous or unwanted materials like bombs or anything found with the visitor. There will also be automatic sliding doors situated at the place which would be installed with scanner voices detection sensors so that if anything dangerous or unwanted thing found with the visitor, the doors won’t allow the visitor inside the torus. This will ensure protection for all the people in KAAVYA.

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