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Saving people from hunger

It has been so long time that the earth has being existed. As the things in the world changed time by time, many new things had appeared like technology, scientists, philosophers etc… People had invented so many different things like motor vehicles, nuclear, electric and electrical things. For nowadays, there are millions of people living in the world which is so much crowd with population. People are living because of food which give them energy to live. So who has responsibility to feed that much of people? Slso, we have to choose which food is good or bad. Even most of food were grown by farmer, it is not still enough for all the people around the world. So scientists had observed GMO ( Genetically modified organisms ) which is like taking one gence from one specie and putting it into another species’ DNA. It mean they invented seeds of food or the organisms as they want. For example, that fruit has this kind of shape and this much of sweet or sour. But many people are against to GMO because of some reasons. But I think that GMO is the only way to feed huge amount of people in safeway.

In the movies, there are some people who extremely against to GMO as the death seed. There is one company called Monsanto which produce GMO seeds. They do not trust Monsanto because it was a chemical company in past time. So also there are a country “,which is free of GMO, is Hawaii. They also do test with rats, one eat natural potato, second one ate GMO potato and the third one ate pesticide potato. So they said that rat which ate GMO got disease. Also, Jeffrey Smith, author and filmmaker, leading Anti-GMO Activist, said that genetically engineered food which mean GMO might cause getting more cold, hepatitic, HIV, heart disease, cancer and allergies. In other hand, scientist say that it is safe. They had tested many times and only they announced when they are satisfied. There is no side effects of GMO.

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There are some arguments between organic food and GMO food. The thing that I learned from the movie is that some people say that organic food are food that God make and they are safe to eat. There is no chemical apply on it. So it is more like natural food rather than invented food like GMO food. In other hand, the knowledge how to make good and nutritious food is also given by God. Because, the world has changed a lot as it has lived for billions years. The climate had changed, the environment had changed, the water and air were polluted by human. Natural resources on the earth had gone a lot. So it cannot be like from the very natural past times. Of course, in the past time, we can have a lot of natural food and less diseases. But, many diseases are appeared now and good and enough food are needed. So God has give the way to invent food by ourselves.

Moreover, people said that GMO is not safe to eat, but it is totally safe and give a lot of benefits. Scientist had already said that it is safe and they will not produce huge amount of unsafe food to feed people. Even they are going to produce golden rice which is wealth in vitamin A to become less eye affected children. Also there are one example that one acre unlimited banana farm in Entebbe, Uganda. That banana farm was organic farm and because of one disease they do not know, all the banana has sick and even died. So they went to GMO banana farm, they are very healthy and able to resist the disease. So they can have banana if they use GMO. So GMO is also good for health and give benefits for human being.

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As a conclusion, I want to say that we can use GMO food because there are a lot of people in the world. Even we should produce more amount of food by GMO and make food cheap so that there will be less people who suffer from hunger. Also we cannot trust natural land because people had already polluted and any time diseases can destroy food. It is still good who love natural organic food and farming organic. But for more practically, we need more food and support GMO.

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