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Scholarship essay

Like many of South Africans (SA), I was born and raised up in the hustle and commotion of a poor township settlement condition. Growing up in Alexandra environment township, I came of age in surroundings where I felt there was poverty, uninspired conversations among friends, no expectations and no determination. Alexandra was a place where the biggest problems were linked to lack of resources and information access. The township did not have electricity let alone tarred roads. Poverty was playing a significant role not knowing where the next bread will be coming from. I was born during the time where segregation was ruling our lives and having no direction.

I began my working life after completing my high school education, as my financial situation at that time could not afford me the opportunity to further my studies. My career has been defined by my willingness to learn more, to go out there and make my hands dirty. Through my personal experience, people experience around me and those I have cross path with, have been fortunate to meets lots of people across all walks of life, both in my personal, social and professional capacity, they have left an unforgettable mark and inspired me one way or the other.

I come from a country that experiences outrageous power blackouts. Recently the country has been having some serious load shedding which is killing the economy because without electricity most of the things stand still. SA has its own plethora evolving amidst the dire need for growth and development as it is only now moving to the goal of sustainability. To do that, the renewable energy is at the centre stage and experts are needed to be spearheading the development of green energy. I would like to be part of that development as there is currently skills shortage challenge. The absence of well qualified workforces has a retarding effect for the creation of viable service and maintenance sectors.

The efficient and effective renewable energy use in SA can provide many low-income rural families with affordable electricity. The United Nations Environment Programme Goal 7 outlines green economy as “one where the use of renewable energy through new economic and employment growth is crucial in creating more sustainable and inclusive communities and resilience to environmental issues like climate change and that public and private investments reduce carbon emission and pollution as well biodiversity and ecosystem prevention”. Our environment is a source of life which needs to be nurtured. Renewable energy systems will have direct local benefits in relations to replacing power generation and reducing the poisonous gases emission. It will also help in extensive use of fuel-wood reduction, natural environments of rare plants and animal species degradation and deforestation reduction. As a starting point, in overcoming these challenges, mindsets must be rehabilitated and imperative necessity to incorporate energy methods should become clear. SA, like all other nations, ought-to fine-tune to the intensifying scarcity of non-renewable resources, while encountering challenges posed by climate change and pollution. The only explanation is to harmonize demonstrated cost-effective policy and connect revolution and action in building green economy. “Our environment is a source of life. We must nurture it as the future lies here. If we do not take care of the environment there will be no future”. So, the task of preserving our environment is self-motivated which is crucial issue for the next generation’s sustainable future.

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From a marketable growth viewpoint in SA, the Renewable Energy and distributed power are the most eminent emerging markets. Majority of African economy are currently enjoying remarkable growth levels. This economic development demands power which at present is in worrying short supply and demand for power will continue to develop. With a strong green declaration, there will always be a drive towards renewable energy development. SA unquestionably desires renewable energy and skills scarcity remains to be a crippling test and that is where I will be coming in to assist after obtaining Renewable Energy Systems Qualification.

Like most people, I have hope and dreams. One of them is for SA to grow and thrive as a country. This can only be possible if everyone put their best foot forward. I want to see the country go 100% green in future, that is my eagerness. For some time, I have been thinking about what will make a “profound green” future momentarily materialize rather than later and what it would be like. This idea one need to consider outside sustainability. Sustaining the energy standard from eradication and the threat of non-sustainable hazards.

Below are some of significant green future principles:

o Sustainable practices are starting point not the conclusion.

o Human natural systems character must collectively transform and conclude to be argumentative.

o Economic requirements should be generative value measured not by overall consumption.

o Energy should be composed without encouraging diminishing resulting from non-unhelpful procedures.

The green future will be shaped on a clean-energy, economical, natural environmental systems and from various sophistication. The sustainability future is a challenge for every person. The first step for green future is where sustainability by the ground-work baseline on which the economic state enthusiasm of our evolution.

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Some of the questions about sustainability:

o Where should one focus one’s energies?

o What’s worth trying now?

o What do one need to prepare for?

o If sustainability is a question of pre-eminent receptiveness, what lies out-there that edge after which the status quo is accurately conceivable?

Sustainability is a comprehensive discipline, into most characteristics of the human world from business, technology, environment and the social sciences. Sustainability draws on politics, economics, philosophy and other social sciences as well as the hard sciences. Sustainability skills and environmental awareness is a priority as businesses seek to adhere to innovative guidelines. Energy efficient equipment must be encouraged and be rewarded based on the long-term benefits understanding and sustainability.

Sustainability is one of the newest that tests to bridge social science with civic engineering and environmental science with the technology of the future. When one hears the word “sustainability” one tends to think of renewable fuel sources, reducing carbon emissions, protecting environments and a way of keeping the delicate ecosystems of our planet in balance. In short, sustainability looks to protect our natural environment, human and ecological health, while driving innovation and not compromising our way of life. Because of this increasing obligation, prepares people for a career in green future sustainability and combining all 17 UN Sustainable Goals in order to transform our world.

Career is not the only thing I have focused on in my life. As past time, I enjoy listening to talk shows, music, internet surfing, shopping and most of all traveling. Due to my social and flexible nature I enjoy a very diverse circle of friends. With an open-minded character I can put at ease everyone I work with. On the social front, I am driven by a passion to empower people around me, especially children and women, to reach their full potential. This fulfils my inner being. I believe in myself, and I envisage the studies would provide a firm future for me and subsequently mould me into a better person whom could make a difference. I dreamt of establishing a foundation that will focus on education to give back to my community. This is bound to be roaring success of my future goals of turning new leaves of the underprivileged more especially the women and girl child. For me it will be more rewarding and privilege to give back to others less fortunate. This Program will take me closer to my dream and the community will benefit to this as well.

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I have confidence in that life is a constant learning process and I am self-confident that I have skills and qualifications that meet your requirements in Renewable Energy. I am convinced that my appetite, determination and preparedness to work hard will help me to turn out to be an expert in Renewable Energy. My self-discovery, progress and characteristic collaboration and comprehensiveness skills are my beliefs and readiness in this male-dominated environment. My courageous, empathic, compassionate, self-reliant, assertive and engaging skills allow me to command an applicable characteristic when anticipated.

Finally, I am determined to make the most out of Renewable Energy Systems Program. I will optimize my stay to acquire some knowledge and skills of ideas that will apply when I return home and at the same time play a role in improving the wellbeing of the South African society and the world at large. By pursuing my career further at the international level, I feel I can learn a lot from this Program. Global demand for renewable energy is increasing and specialists are needed to combat the challenges the world is currently facing, and so Green Future in Renewable Energy is the way to go get more knowledge. It takes as long it takes but commitment and trust are the way to go for one’s wildest dreams attainable. I do take charge and the creator of my own career.

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