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School project

1. Digitally together- Portal from Facebook

The first trend that caught my eye was the idea of being “Digitally Together.” I believe that this trend has been building over the past 10 years, fueled by the progress of technology. Today, there are so many ways in which we are able to get in touch with people who are not physically with us. From the basics of texting and emailing, to the more recent advancements such as group facetime, technology is advancing to help us stay hyper-connected with our loved ones, even from far away.

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Immediately after reading about this trend, one certain product came to my mind.

Portal from Facebook was introduced just this past year, and is a perfect example of a brand catering to a consumer desire of be increasingly digitally together. It’s no shock that Facebook is the brand behind the Portal, as they have historically been a market leader when it comes to connecting individuals.


2. Conscious consumer- Outdoor Voices

The conscious consumer trend has been seen through increasing consumer concern for the environment, and their overall health. Fueled by the availability of information about the declining state of our planet, and information regarding what is and isn’t healthy for us to be consuming. We have seen a large increase in veganism and environmentally friendly lifestyles. People are finding new ways to live more sustainably, which is pushing them to integrate products which support this “green” lifestyle.

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One such brand that I felt did a wonderful job providing value to customers through sustainable business practices is Outdoor Voices. Outdoor Voices is an athletic wear brand which uses recycled materials to create stunning athletic clothes which have a “made-to-sweat-in” guarantee. They focus heavily on making clothing that is designed to last, with minimal impact on the environment. Outdoor Voices has since gained a cult following among the fitness community, and have been able to place sustainability at the epicenter of their brand vision, mission, and values.


3. I want it now/ I can take care of myself – Care of Vitamins

With today’s society being so heavily focused on efficiency and convenience, it’s no shock that consumers want their products faster and faster. Amazon Prime has shown consumers just how fast products can be delivered to their doorstep. A recent trend that has grown in the past few years is the trend of subscription services. Monthly product subscription services have seen much success among consumers who are too busy to remember to purchase certain necessities every month.

The product that came to mind for me when reading about both the “I want it now” and “I can take care of myself” trends was Care of Vitamins. Care of is a monthly vitamin subscription service which sends personalized vitamin packs to your doorstep every month. Customers are prompted to first take a quiz which assess their lifestyle, activity level, and diet to create a customized vitamin regimen to support individual needs. This brand has found the perfect way to give consumers what they need, exactly when they need it.

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