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Script for short film

In pleasant morning Man pouring water to plants in garden slowly a female voice raises from inside the home it seems like she is shouting to wake her child to get ready for job. One side of the wall in the house is fully filled with photo gallery of a child in different getups like cob, Nehru, radha, doctor and etc it is like the child participated in fancy dress competition. There is an upstairs which is connected from inside the home, one room was opened half and fully filled with sunlight. In this natural light a shadow comes into the frame. It seems like a girl getting ready combing her hair. From her foot it resembles that she looks gorgeous, she wears her jimikis and keeps bindi on her fore head apply her lips gloss and finally kajal takes her bag and leaves from home, when she stand front of her mom, mom looks and spell bounds on her beauty. (Continuous) at outdoor When she moves out of the door the man in garden looks at her and falls in bad intension on her. She shouted on him and leaves, the in the main road the shopkeepers looks at her and makes some ugly noise and disturbs her she runs away … When she calls an auto driver the man behaves ugly to her and tries to touch she pushed him off and went. She keeps on walking in road two guys follows her in bike and a guys touches on her back and harass her, She slaps him and runs towards home , ….. (Continuous) again in home When reaches home mom asked what happened and what the reason to appear like this is. There are some silence for few seconds and speaks mom……. (The real feel) Now come I understood how girls do suffer because of the guys harassments and this is very tough to face at that situations, there are public around me but no one supported and no one came to help me, Just the peoples around watching what is happening. As my appearance is like a girl some **** fellows behave badly and tries to harass me. If really I was been a girl what would be happens… So when I changed my appearances as a girl I dressed up like beauty lady, I dressed up my hair and groomed my skin with a good makeup ….. And I know …… Mom…… You stared at me when I left from home, why this boy groomed himself as girl… Still there is no safety for girls and women in this world and I came to know now that this might be the reason for my friend death. Really am proud of the women in our country and am proud of you mom for how strong u all is

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