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Many describe violence as being a product of power and control. In general, how safe at night does a woman feel as men do? There is always a higher chance of crime being committed by men that end up harming women in some sort of way rape, beating and many more to add to that list. Another way that sexism is described as is based on how the “-ism” relates to crimes. Like scenarios that can be different in men and women on how they my fear certain crimes or how to avoid and stay as safe as possible. If someone sees a woman walking alone and it may be seen as a target oppose to a man walking alone. For any woman they must always be alert and on the lookout , to avoid getting mudded by someone, or carry some kind of sharp object, knife, pepper spray, etc to be able to protect in some way and be able to have a chance to get away. Sexism has always given a huge impact on careers and pay for women as it still continues even till today. Maybe not as much as back then, but women in general try to avoid such sexist areas, no matter what may change in this society on in the near future they it will always form what we call a cookie cutter of what is set to be an ideal future for women. Which then affects their professional lives. Women today still earn about 79 cents per dollar earned by a man.

Some findings show that while the criminal justice system may treat men and women differently, these differences will be favored by women to a large extent. Women are less likely to commit crimes than men. But as stated [“the figures from the self-report show that official statistics exaggerate the difference, and women tend to commit different types of crimes than men. Data has shown that a higher proportion of female offenders are warned of more serious offenses. Women are less likely to be taken into custody compared to men, and also that women generally receive more lenient sentences than men”] – Sanchez (2009) Even when they have committed the same crime in some cases, some previous convictions are taken into consideration.

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Who is it to Blame?

In this study, after reading Elizabeth Smart Case every day we teach children at a young age to not talk to strangers to protect them especially to our daughters, in case of something that would happen if you are being taken away from that stranger what should you do? You scream, yell on the top of your lungs for help. But now that is all just an act you somewhat know what’s coming and at the end you know you’re not actually in danger you are safe with your parents or guardians. Now that all changes when it is really happening your body responds differently you are not 100% sure if you will fight or flight or in other cases freeze. Especially as a young girl having this scary man over you telling you all the wrongful things he was going to do to her family and her. In her mind she was trying to protect her family she did not want her family to be killed by this man. This was her reaction, the reason why Elizabeth Smart was blamed for being a victim was that she and the other victims had not previously tried to escape. The public wondered that Elizabeth Smart had Stockholm syndrome and may have identified her captors and sympathized with them. She also may not have had that she could have easily just been so brain washed that she could no longer think of what to do next she was already dead inside that feeling she felt over and over as each day passed wishing it would all go away, she just simply could not. Knowing the only way she was able to expressed herself to her kidnappers and to show no willing to plan to escape because, if done so they would kill her and her family. It was this fear and this control from her captors that caused her to remain silent; however, this is, and no other circumstance should allow for anyone to blame her for remaining in captivity. No matter what she was, she was a minor. She was raped on a daily base, it was crazy to even think that if she tried to do something that looked like she was planning to escape, they even took away food privileges. This is referred to as secondary victimization. When a victim is blamed, the wrong notion that a victim has the option to avoid being a victim is reinforced, which in reality they do not. Society seemed to have forget that this innocent little girl whom was in her bedroom at night was kidnapped by this horrifying sexual predator who raped her on a daily base, and any word or action against her captors lead her to not eat anything and physical abuse as well. Thus, to just point fingers and who is at fault so why do we point to the victims? I can only imagine how hurtful she must have felt reading these meaninglessness accusations and then actually believing that it was her fault. We, as a society need to be more aware of certain situations like this, it happens too frequently, and we must help to put a stop to this and help victims’ women in need. The amount of fear she had knowing that they kept telling her if she were to try to escape, they would kill her family and her right there that tells you how much power they had over this poor girl. People that are quick to blame the victim obviously has no empathy at all and think that we live in a so called “safe society”.

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