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Should india go on a full fledged war against pakistan?

“How’s the Josh?”

“High Sir!”

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Yes, YOU, if you have recently watched Uri, it’s likely that even your Josh is pretty high at the moment. Specially after the bombing in Pulwama and death of tens of our own vir Jawans at one go. Considering the magnitude at which this tragedy happened, it would naturally call for some sort of fightback by citizens of any country. And along the same lines, you have passed your verdict – Pakistan needs to go. This sort of attack calls for war against Pakistan. How’s the JOSH? High, SIR.

What Josh? What Josh do you have? Apart from posting on Facebook and Instagram, what Josh do you have? You, the you, who looks the other way when people of your country get beaten up by your own countrymen, you claim to have Josh? To go to war against Pakistan? Are you YOU going to war? Do you know who has to go to war that you claim the nation needs at this moment? You, my friend, you do not go to war, neither does the government that declares war. The soldiers do. Do you have any sort of idea what it is like for the family of the soldiers, when they have to go to war? You declared that this act of terrorism needs to be avenged. I wonder HOW? By sacrificing more soldiers? Why? Because some movie showed that the soldiers answer “HOW’S THE JOSH?” with a “HIGH SIR”?

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Why do you think government after government has refrained from going into a full-frontal war with Pakistan? Why do you think government after government has tried to amend ways with Pakistan through peace talks, instead of using the bullet? And you really think the policies are going to change, just because YOUR Josh is high? Who are you? What gives you such authority? The last time i checked, you shared memes on your Facebook handle about Birdman or were too busy making others laugh with your self-deprecation humour, how did you turn into a war strategist overnight? Do you realise Pakistan is a nuclear powered state? Do you realise the distance of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and multiple other prominent cities are well within the striking distance of the nuclear powered missiles that Pakistan has? Do you realise that even if we do go to war with Pakistan, and Pakistan senses that it is about to lose the war, Pakistan is going to launch those nuclear missiles? Do you realise that neither India, nor the world, has the exaxt knowledge of how many nuclear powered missiles Pakistan exactly possess, and where exactly they might be currently located?

You, yes you, with your flag of nationalism flying high with the wind of your Josh, do you realise the economic implications of a full fledged war? Do you realise that the funds of war are to be supplied by deducting funds that actually benefit you now? Do you realise that markets around the globe are going to crash if India goes into a full fledged war with Pakistan? Can you even gauge the sense of fear that Indians have to live with, if we go to war? Do you think China is going to keep quiet about the fact that India has decided to attack the country where has China has heavily invested in? Do you think India has the firepower amd manpower to handle a two-front war? Are you, with your Josh held high, going to fill in for the shortage of manpower then, and go stand at the border to fight against the Pakistani and Chinese armies?

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How’s the Josh? Still high? Still believe that a full fledged war against Pakistan is going to to do the trick? Israel does it regularly, you tell me. Do you know it is mandatory for every able-bodied adult to have basic military training in Israel? What trainings do you have? CT-FORCE in counterstrike? Wow! No doubt your Josh is so high! Do you how to defuse a bomb? No, apparently the way Akshay Kumar does it in movies is incorrect. Do you know you cannot lift a rocket launcher with one hand, let alone fire it? Forget about striking your enemy. Sad to break it to you that your favourite superstar Salman Khan was acting there. The ease with which you switch guns, sorry, but for you that can only be so easily done in Fortnite

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