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Should leadership be based on truth or effectiveness

In the modern society Leadership is one of the most unique phenomena of social life. It is inevitable in any society and exists in all spheres of our life. Its component is the link between leadership and subordination and influence.

A simple definition of leadership is the ability and willingness to take ownership of the organization or enormous group of people and to do what is the best for this. However, a leadership, to be effective, must be built on a solid foundation consisting of a clear mission, a vision for the future, a specific strategy and a culture conducive to success.

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The phenomenon of leadership was studied by ancient scientists and philosophers for the centuries. The first leadership studies were aimed at identifying personal qualities characteristic of leaders. Subsequently, it was proved that there is no common set of personal characteristics for all leaders, as the phenomenon of leadership itself is situational in nature.

Leadership, which does not have deep roots in the basis of truth, is a leadership that is doomed to failure. The reality is that the best leaders are also absolutists when it comes to the truth – they see the truth as non-negotiable. However, after recent and widely publicized business, financial and political scandals, it is not so difficult to understand how some may question the existence of truth in business or government. If you put aside the layers of most failures, which often turn into sensational headlines, you will see that the problems mentioned often begin with explanations, excuses, posturing and promotion, replacing the truth.

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The truth is an interesting tool in the sense that it is often difficult to assimilate. Telling the truth is not always easy, and you may encounter substantial opposition and contradictions in the short term, but this will do nothing but help build your reputation, success and sustainability in the long term.

A leader can count on success only if he takes into account human psychology, understands the nuances of their way of thinking, moral habits, disadvantages and advantages. It is important to bear in mind that in many cases, ambition controls the behavior of people, but understanding this is not enough. It is necessary to determine who is the most ambitious, and therefore dangerous for those in whose hands are power: those who intend to preserve what they have, or those who want to acquire something that does not yet exist.

The truth is that credibility is the foundation of leadership. When a leader is believable and trustworthy people are more likely to be committed and to provide their time, energy, intelligence, and support. Kouzes and Posner investigated which qualities people looked for in leaders. After years of research, they found that four traits consistently received an average of over 60 percent of the votes. Honest. Honest leaders not only tell the truth, they also live using a set of ethical principles and clear standards.

Of course, in an ideal situation, it is best to combine the motive of fear and the motive of love. However, in real life this is extremely difficult to implement, which means it will be much more effective for a leader if they are afraid of him. But it is necessary to behave in such a way that fear does not become a cause of hatred, otherwise the leader risks becoming a victim of passions, from which nothing can save him.

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The achievement of the necessary result is quite possible, but only on condition that the leader will remember that in no case should one encroach on the personal rights of subordinates or their material well-being. To achieve the desired, the leader can apply any punishment, but it should never concern property. Machiavelli said that people tend to forget even the death of their parents, but they will never forget the loss of their condition.

The Bible says it best: ”The truth will set you free.” It has been said that a person is only as sick as their secrets, and I would strongly encourage you to be honest and forthright in your communications and actions as you’ll be healthier, happier and more successful.

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