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Smart liquid mixing system

Abstract— Smart drink appliances with a host of different control features have become a popular research area. Most of these systems are expensive and require a complete replacement of the existing equipment. The proposed method will be able to modernize the existing drinking appliances and add voice command feature. This framework will be very helpful for the needs of industry and shop works due to its minimalistic technological know-how requirements. The system operates on an android phone, connected over Bluetooth to raspberry pi 3 node. The application recognizes speech commands and transmits it to the node. Based on the motors connected to it, the application searches for keywords in the command and takes a control action. Keywords— Automation, Smart home appliances, industries, liquid mixing I. INTRODUCTION Today, many sophisticated technologies make household jobs much easier and convenient. Generally home automation systems are used to control appliances like fans, lights, television and others. They are also used to open up the doors and windows. In this pace of increase in number of household appliances, the humans not only expect to work in field of automation at making their jobs easier, but also at decreasing the amount of time they spend to do things or household chores. One of such chores is making their own custom-made juices or liquids at their homes such as health drinks. Also, at industries such as medical industry, paint industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, when two or more kinds of miscible liquids or fluids are required to be mixed uniformly, they generally use filling stations to mix different kinds of such liquids. But the present conventional method when shifted towards the field of automation, can cause a huge difference in the efficiency since the old methods are not highly efficient for automation purposes. These problems can be addressed by constructing an automation system, specially to mix liquids according to the user-based inputs with the help of gestures, touch, short message service (SMS) [4] [6]. In this study, the system is operated using voice as the command input. The voice commands are translated using an application in the Android smartphone to control the motors. The command is then sent using Bluetooth feature of the smartphone. Thus, received command will be decoded by Raspberry Pi. Upon validation of the received data, the Raspberry Pi sends the control signals to the Motor driver to run the motors. In case of errors in the received data, a resend request is sent back to the transmitter to re-send the data. To demonstrate the working of the project 5 kinds of different liquid mixtures are shown using raw materials like Soda water, any 2 juices, milk and other different raw materials to make home-made health juices. II. RELATED WORK In [2], the implementation used to operate the doors and windows is mainly based on the controller in the application in a smartphone which was connected to the android device using a Bluetooth module. We can use RF connection and GSM for voice home automation. But in [2], Bluetooth is considered for implementing a home automation since it is more frequently used and available in all latest smartphones. In [1], a liquid mixing system is proposed using PLC that can automatically fill bottles in industries and other areas where liquid mixing is needed. But when III. PROBLEM DEFINITION We will be controlling the whole system using a smartphone with the help of an application where the smartphone will be connected with the help of Bluetooth. We have chosen this method since smartphone is the most popular gadget in present pace of technology.

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