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This is to certify that I, Mr. Aditya Mehra , a student of Under Graduate Degree in BBA – FBE (2016-19) , Amity School of Business, Noida has worked under the able guidance and supervision of Ms. Pooja Mathur, Teacher .

This Major Project report has the requisite standard for the partial fulfilment the Under Graduate Degree in Business Administration. To the best of our knowledge no part of this report has been reproduced from any other report and the contents are based on original research.

I am aware that in case of non-compliance, Amity School of Business is entitled to cancel the report.

Name of the student Aditya Mehra

Enrollment No. A3999116039

Signature (Student) Signature (Faculty Guide)


I express my sincere gratitude to my faculty guide Ms. Pooja Mathur, Teacher, for her able guidance, continuous support and cooperation throughout my project, without whom this present work would not have been possible.

Signature (Student)


A smartphone lets you make telephone calls, but also has features”,— such as the ability to send and receive messages and edit documents. So, it’s connected to the internet and offers personalized services as a result. India is the second largest smartphone market in the world, and it is still growing at 30% annually. Today, you can get smartphones at price points ranging from Rs.5″,000 all the way up to Rs. 90″,000. The number of choices can often leave you confused as well. So, making a decision then becomes an exercise involving spending hours on the internet, researching various features and offers.

The following are the criteria’s which are most looked out by customers before buying a new smartphone:

Build Quality- The build quality of the smartphone is very important. It will determine the durability and the probability of your smartphone lasting for years.

Screen Size-Screen size also determines the size of the smartphone. Screen sizes are categorized into three major sizes – small, medium, and large.

Design- The design of the smartphone includes the thickness, the edges, the finish, and the overall aesthetics. These factors are even integrated for more functionality. The good design of the phone is something that is comfortable with the hands.

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Operating System- The Operating System works along with the processor. It manages the apps and the programs in the smartphone and also helps in determining how the whole interface looks like.

The customers are interested in whether the phone has a fast operating system or navigation.

Key Smartphone Features


All the cell phones incorporate a type of programming or a location book a cell phone will be able to do substantially more. It will enable you to download applications, for example, individual or business fund chiefs, or nearly anything. It enables us to take and alter the photographs, get headings by means of GPS, and make a playlist of tunes.

Web Access

Not all cell phones offer fast web get to, they all offer a type of access however. Long story short, you can utilize your cell phone to look through your most loved sites.

The Rapidly Changing Phones

The innovation that is encompassing cell phones and PDAs is evolving always. What comprises a cell phone today may change by one week from now or , one month from now, or one year from now.

Different highlights incorporate informing, video recording, video calling, working framework, gaming quality.


• To study the true essence and significance of the smartphone industry.

• To study the profits and losses over the period of time in the smartphone industry.

• To analyse the latest information by distributing questionnaires to the customers.

• To analyse the information collected to the best of the ability and coming up with the final results accompanying any recommendations.


The mobile industry has seen some meteoric advances in the last 20 years. What was once in the realm of science fiction now passes for pedestrian.

Smartphones have claimed the ultimate convergence device title, but as awesome as they are, they still have some glaring weaknesses. The mobile industry needs to think about how to solve these problems as it strives to push smartphone penetration ever higher and convert the last remaining holdouts.

1. Battery life

1. Battery life

Innovation has progressed, to significantly increasingly amazing telephones with more highlights, yet battery has been deserted. – battery execution is the least fulfilling part of telephones.

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Primary concern

At the present time, except if you are eager to purchase a bigger gadget that can house a greater battery, convey an extra, or build up your current gadget with a battery reinforcement case, you’re screwed over thanks to constrained battery life.

2. Fragmentation

The more choices of cell phones turns into, the more troublesome it is for application and amusement engineers to make an item that deals with each telephone. The issue is declined further by making various renditions of working frameworks .

Rarely a day passes by without some notice or perception of Android discontinuity Android is the most noticeably bad case of an issue that influences the entire business. iPhone 8 won’t take off to existing Windows Phone gadgets is fracture, and Apple is the same since iOS 5 isn’t accessible for the first iPhone or iPhone 3G. Indeed, even the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 pass up certain highlights that the iPhone 4S offers.

The final product is marginally extraordinary experience for proprietors of various models of telephone. For Android proprietors, the issue is increasingly genuine on the grounds that maker overlays postpone the take off of updates to the stage.

One stage to tie them all

There’s most likely no closure to fracture. To completely annihilate it there would need to be only one stage. That absolutely doesn’t look like happening at any point in the near future. Each refresh to that one stage would likewise must be in reverse good and that would truly confine new highlights. All the more critically, it would confine producer’s capacity to get customers to purchase new equipment each couple of years. The reason you can’t get Siri on the iPhone 4 has more to do with Apple selling the iPhone 4S than any specialized restriction.

Main concern

Purchasers need to ensure that the gadget they purchase offers the highlights they figure it does. Engineers need to acknowledge fracture is setting down deep roots and plan as needs be.

3. – Coverage

When you see the most recent adverts appearing fueled cell phones gushing superior quality video, nobody stops to reveal to you that specific highlights are possibly truly upheld on the off chance that you live in the opportune spot. We would all be able to concur that the development of 4G is something worth being thankful for that will empower more prominent information utilization, yet the system inclusion is truly restricted at this moment. Verizon’s 4G inclusion is as of now the best, however it still just covers a little more than 66% of the U.S. populace.

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Even unlimited is limited

Obviously, as interest develops with expanded offers of 4G gadgets, transporters should throttle your entrance in any case. They have just killed boundless information plans. The interest is just going one way. You might almost certainly appreciate enormous information utilization at incredible velocities, in the event that you live in the opportune spot, yet it will cost you.

Bottom line

Bearers are continually improving their systems, yet they do concentrate on crowded territories for clear reasons. On the off chance that you don’t live in the perfect spot you could be hanging tight quite a while for genuine 4G speeds.


Research Methodology is a strategy or steps pursued to complete any request or study. It empowers circumstances and logical results connection between the results and the exploration exercises done.

This project was done by utilizing a quantitative kind of research. For my report the information has been taken through questionnaires and afterward are examined which gives all the precise and compelling data. A survey is an investigating model comprising of various inquiries with the motivation behind gathering data from individuals or respondents. These inquiries are a blended sack of close-finished inquiries and open-finished inquiries.

This project was conducted using a quantitative type of research. For my report the data has been taken through conducting questionnaires and then are analysed which gives all the accurate and effective information. A questionnaire is a researching model consisting of a number of questions with the purpose of collecting information from people or respondents. These questions are a mixed bag of close-ended questions and open-ended questions.


Primary research has been done by conducting questionnaires.


The research period was carried for 5-6 weeks.


Research was done through analysing the results of the questionnaires.


The questionnaire was distributed to a 100 people of different age groups.








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