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Social media and gaming: their influence on communication in ks families

In this paper I will be talking about the games and social media and their impact to children’s behavior. Nowdays children are very much present in virtual world, especially elementary school children. Certainly they need to be indicated that spending too much time on socials is not the adequate way of developing their mental capabilities. When children excessively play video games different kinds of issues can appear, like a problem with isolating themselves from others, spending too much time playing and too little time with their family, peers or playing sports and recreational activities. Putting limits to the amount of time spent in front of a computer, playing games, can certainly reduce the negative aspect of it. From generation to generation, more and more we notice the addiction of children and adolescents to video games. Children’s attention and interest for gaming is constantly increasing. Video games get children in the virtual world and keep them there. Children uncontrollably spend too much time sticked to their computers and that is not a good way for their growing up. Many researches have been done on this topic and the conclusion is that video games have a bad impact. Negative point of video games is that it brings to a reduction of their physical activity that can later on impact their physical but at the same time psychological life. If we look at all video games available online we will notice that most of the games are violent, and the number of that kind of games is increasing every day. The violent content influences the children and it is increasing their aggressiveness. Parents are getting very worried for their children and their aggressiveness. Of course their concern is justified because researches have shown that children imitate characters from those violent video games.

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My objective for this research paper is to find out if using social media and playing games affects the way of communication between parents and children who play games. Do we have to impact their social life and everyday life, do they become lazy, do they lose their motivation for going and working at school.

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Hypothesis for this research paper is that there is a correlation between the amount of time youngsters spend playing games and the way they communicate with their family and friends. It does affect their lives.

For this research paper there are a few research questions that I will try to answer.

1. How much time do young persons spend on social media or gaming?

It varies from person to person, but the person I was observing daily spend 6-8 hours of gaming.

2. How do youngsters who spend a lot of time on media and gaming interact and communicate with the other family members?

The more time they spend gaming the less time they have to communicate with their family and friends and they tend to be more aggressive when people tell them to stop playing games or simply take away their gaming device. How they expose their anger might be different but they usually start crying, then yelling and physically threatening us, which shows us that violent games already influenced them.

3. To what extent is the time spent on social media / gaming correlated to the quality of communication with other family members?

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This is the one of biggest problems because the more time they spent gaming the less time they spent with their families and refused to listen to their parents who were aware of the damage that games are doing to their children. So the children did not want to hear any advices their parents had for them and did not pay attention to the way parents were doing that, mostly by showing love and caring, but they became numb to it.

4. How does the family respond to youngsters spending a lot of time / addicted on social media / gaming?

The subject’s family I was observing was very understanding with him. They tried to prove him that games are a very bad habit and that it affects him badly. They did it politely in the beginning, they were patient and gave him time to understand the fact that games are bad and gave him time to slowly get used to spend time as a normal child. The subject still asked for games but as the time was passing he did it less and less each day.

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