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Soft skills

Hard work pays off

I have struggled a lot during my freshman year when I failed math. I was angry and upset with myself that I started the year off with failing my first class. From that moment I learned that I would never fail another class again. I did night school and earned back all my credits so I could keep improving my grades and get on track to graduate.

Always stay true to yourself

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I have always been that kind of person who cared what people think and looked at me whether it being my personality, clothing, or my attitude. There have been multiple times were I did care what people thought of me and I changed my appearance. But it is wrong to change yourself because you are your own person(unique) in a way and nobody should tell you different.

Be respectful, than others will do the same

I have been always that type of girl who is shy, helpful, and respectful of others around me like friends, teachers, and family. But if someone doesn’t give me that respect back then I won’t treat them kind anymore. Because I see that they do not care about me so I stop trying to be nice to them.


Working with other people can be easy and difficult sometimes. It just depends on the person or people you are working with. If I want to become a professional social worker I will have to work with many different types of people’s behavior like: depression, mental health, anger, or some children who are broken too.

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Make decisions

Making decisions is always hard for me, whether it’s something small to hang out with a friend or something big like which college should you go to. What helps me make a decision is a pro’s and con’s list or the 5 step decision maker.


Being organized is key. It helps you increase your productivity by working on important task and have time to do other things or have free time. You balance your day to day tasks effectively and efficiently. Having this is good time management as well because time is valuable. I find it to help a lot because I have less stress now.

Never be afraid

There is no shame of asking a teacher or a friend for help at all. It is actually better to get help from people around you then to struggle and do it on your own if you don’t understand the concept. I was always afraid to ask because I felt embarrassed that i didn’t get it right or understand. But when I asked questions it helped me improve and understand.

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