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Solutions of poverty


In a poor household it can be said the average food expenditure is about R9″,487 which is about 30% of the monthly income that’s taken away. But if we look at a non poor household the food expenditure would be around R15″,831 (for a family of 3) which is just 10″,5% of their income.

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The average pay for an average citizen is about R16″,600 per month and R199, 267 per annum whereas the average pay for a poor citizen would be bout R3885 per month and R46″,624 per annum.

Here are a few solutions that can be used in working on reducing or in hopes to completely


1. Job creation

This is a great solution to use when working towards reducing poverty. It is found one of the main and biggest causes of poverty is unemployment. The current unemployment rate in South Africa is 27.1% which is around 6″,14 million people in South Africa.

So how can this problem be solved?

The problem is that we have to many unrequired unskilled workers who don’t have the proper skills that could be provided if labourers were to have a formal education. This therefore leads the potential oversupply of labour, which is troublesome for employers because they don’t require this much labour and its high priced.

The solution is to increase the demand for more skilled workers where they can invest in a proper education and skills development. The factor that’s affecting the supply and demand is the costs that the employer has to use to create new jobs. But this can be field by reducing the costs or by encouraging the employer to offset those costs. By doing so this increases the chances to hire.

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Another to increase demand is to allow for more entrepreneurs who starts businesses and creates jobs. So it’s very important that we encourage entrepreneurship to simulate job creation. So what we need to do is raise the utility value of jobs. But the only issue is that the legislation is created to only protect those with jobs instead of looking for ways to create new ones the what happens is that one needs to put things such as minimum wages, flexing of labour markets etc. into perspective.

Instead of the ANC growing and developing the economic pie it simply divides into correctional laws, which puts a negative effect on the economical growth because no progress will be shown.

So what needs to be done is that the Minister of Small Business Development must be willing to think up something new and fresh and apply this thinking in the government circles and challenge the old notions state led- growth and intervention. This will mean growth for the economy again and reduction of poverty to an adequate level.

Access to healthcare and other social services

With the proper nutrition a person can easily get out of poverty. It’s beneficial towards many things including your health helping you improve your lifestyle through adequate eating habits. Citizens who are malnourished can be more prone to physical and mental disability. Most times they don’t have access to basic resources to survive and often rely on others to provide for them.

What the government can aim to do in order to help is to create and initiate more efficient food security programs that are used to reduce poverty within both rural and urban areas. Initiatives include Community, school and homestead gardens.

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Community food gardens have a responsibility of constructing food production units in communities in the effort to increase food production for the community. Beneficiaries are expected to manage the program independently to ensure everything is running smoothly, as it should be but the sub-program is also there to assist on the management side. Support will be provided; it includes infrastructure, technical advice, and training and production inputs. If any member of the community wishes to join the initiative they will need land and give permission to use that land. The same applies to homestead food gardens.

In a school food garden they just work towards making sure that children have a full course meal at school so they wouldn’t have to starve throughout the school day. When a child is fed it promotes physical and mental growth allowing them to focus at school when come the time to focus. This also gives the child an opportunity to have a healthy childhood.


When a poor citizen is feeling ill they can’t get the proper care they desire simply because its unaffordable. They don’t enough money to cover a medical aid or insurance.

What the government needs to work on and is currently still working on is a National Health Insurance in South Africa to create a gap between the two sectors of private and public hospitals. This will be made available to every citizen including those who can’t afford it. It ensures greater funding for multiple forms of healthcare.

This is beneficial to poor citizens they can now invest their money into something they’ll need in the near future instead of using their money on their healthcare issues.

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These solutions that I have presented to you today are efficient enough to implement to make a radical change in poverty in South Africa. It may take time but I guarantee that it’ll be worth the time spent.

Thank you.

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