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Some people think that in this modern world, getting old is entirely bad

First of all, it is important to know what does it mean – being old? You can be mentally old even in your eighteen’s, and you can be mentally young even if you’re over seventy. Speaking about the physical age, well, in my opinion, the past was worse not only for old people – but for young too. It depends, of course, about what exactly ‘past’ we’re talking about, but, as for me, I think that ‘every’ past (meaning 20th century, 18th, 14th and even last month) was worse than the present. What am I thinking of being old? Mentally – being older than you are is even better, but physically, personally I don’t like the perspective of being old.

Old people can live even much more better than young in our time. I’ve got a friend in the age of seventy, and he tells that his life only began when he was fifty five. He told that in his young age it was hard to him to find some entertainment, and money for it. But now he has an opportunity to have fun even every day, because there’re a lot of even free entertainments in the city, such as interesting concerts, games and so on. There’s more freedom, and, as he says, this is much more better than stability.

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However, in my view, this only works if you’re mentally young. We all new those ‘angry-on-the-whole-world’ old people near almost all the houses, at buses and at the stores. I think, that they’re just bored, and the only thing they need to do is just walk to the city center or at least at the park – you cannot imagine how beautiful is in there until you can see it by yourself.

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The life of modern old people also depends on how much money they have, but, actually, money aspect affects on all of the people – both young and old. Looking at the past, some of the people had stability in their lives, but now they’re more protected by the government, their human’s rights are more protected by almost the whole world. But if we’ll take a look on the 18th or 14th century – most of the people didn’t even survive to the age nowadays we call ‘old age’.

So, what am I thinking of it? As for me, being old in the modern world is much more better that being old in the past – you’ve got freedom, and with it you’ve got a choice to decide how to live and what to do – no one will judge you for this. Getting old is only bad when you cannot do something you want because of your physical state, but sometimes young people’s health can be even worse than old people’s have. At lest, no matter what age you are, and no so matter when you’re living, how to live – is only your choice and your actions, which will take you to the better life, or to the worse.

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