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Sports performance

Intrinsic: Intrinsic factors that are controlled from within, In sporting terms your own personal previous training.

Extrinsic: Extrinsic influences or factors that are placed upon you from external sources, In sporting terms temperature or time of day.

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Intrinsic :

Age: It is the length of the time a person lived.

Impact on sports performance:

Positive Impacts: Aged athletes have got experience in their respective sport. They have a good technique as they have been practising it for a long time. Sweet spot falls between early 20’s to their 30’s in most of the sports.

Sporting example: Ronaldo

Negative Impacts: Age changes how our body use oxygen. Ageing affects muscles. (Less fast twitch muscle fibre). The recovery takes time as the muscle tissues grow and get deeper so it takes time to recover for athletes aged 30 and above and if the recovery isn’t proper the muscles get stiff and it leads to injury.

Sporting example: Ronaldo Nazario got old and was not able to run in his early 30’s due to lack of recovery and got seriously injured many times.

Confidence: Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something.

Impact on sports performance:

Positive Impacts: Confidence makes us believe that they can do something and this will make increase our self-motivation and self-sufficiency to do something outstanding.

For example, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a confident player and he believes in himself so that makes his performance great and is very easy for him to perform his duties.

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Negative impacts: Confidence can have many drawbacks as well. As Muntari’s confidence was affected after he got abused and heard racist comments from the crowd in the stadium and he lost his control and got off the pitch furiously.

Diet: A diet is a special course of food to which a person has to follow them to either gain or lose weight.

Positive impact: A positive impact of eating a healthy is, As an athlete it helps you to maintain the good performance and keeps you fit.

Negative Impact: A negative impact is eating junk food such as products containing more fats and sugar which will affect the sports performance. This reason to that is, it increases blood pressure and calorie intake which can cause a lot diseases.

For example: UFC Fighter Donald ‘COWBOY’ Cerrone, having a god diet helps him to move into different weight classes.


Temperature: The degree of hotness or coldness of an environment. A specific degree of hotness or coldness as indicated on a standard scale.

Positive impact: If an athlete has been training in an extreme cold weather, he will do much better in a moderate climate.

Negative Impact: If a football player, playing in Cold European goes and plays a game in Asia or America can suffer problems due to the hot weather and it might affect and reduce his stamina.

For example, Argentina played against Venezuela in Kolkata, India and they had 4 breaks in a game comparative to the one half time break in an ordinary football match.

Officials Performance: The way the officials have conducted the games.

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Positive impact: If the decisions are perfect and unbiased the players stay mentally stable and game goes in a good flow.

For example, Real Madrid vs Juventus (2018 Champions League)

Negative Impact: It could demotivate the players and they may go mentally unstable and it might lead to heated arguments and can create massive controversies as well.

For example, Chelsea vs FC Barcelona (2009 Champions League)

Team Cohesion: This is a tendency of a team to stick together in its pursuit of common goals.

Positive impacts: This will bring about progress in order to meet the same expected goals. For example, Bayern Munchen perform in their games with that fluidity which brings them success is due to their team cohesion in and out of the pitch.

Negative impacts: This will lead to problems and it will certainly affect the sports performance. For example, Pogba and Jose Mourinho didn’t got along well and had heated arguments costed them many defeats as the key player Pogba was under-performing.

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