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Staff application

Last updated on 16.05.2020

I have had a lot of experience in staffing within the past few years of my staffing career. I was accepted as Helper on a large skyblock server called SkyMetro on August 1st 2017 and I was promoted to Moderator. I am still a Moderator of SkyMetro as the server has been in a bad time for the past year as YouTubers stopped recording, etc. We averaged 800 players in 2017 and hit a peak of 1.4k players. Here at SkyMetro, I learnt how to act mature in many different situations and how to handle many things in a certain way. Just from staffing at SkyMetro I casually just started to say the proper word, such as “you” instead of “u”. Overall I learnt how to punish appropriately and how to be apart of a large staff team that have to work together to make the server a better place.

I was an Owner of a server called ParadiseRaids where there was a second Owner, called CsgoIsBae. I resigned from this server as the second Owner did not listen to me nor take any of my suggestions that I had. He released the server with many bugs and issues, even when I said not too, and overall he kept on being extremely money hungry and had sales on store. Whenever a new user joined he instantly just said the store link.. this was having a bad effect on my reputation for being apart of a server with an Owner like this.

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I currently own two servers; one with a second Owner, Ox8, AstronusMC. This is a SkyBlock server that originated from another server called PrimeMC who trkey / alexfsinger owns, he also owns SkyMetro. The community pretty much ended up making another server and the Founder got sick of Minecraft and passed on Owner ship to myself and Ox8. This server averages 50 players or more with no advertisement.

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The server I have founded and initiated is called GalaxyHQ. This server is a factions server where I strive to bring back the old style of factions. Ox8 is a Manager there and we work together to bring a team together to make GalaxyHQ the best server it could be.

I have previously founded a server called DrakunMC about 1 year and a half ago. This server taught me the basics of management and administration and having DrakunMC has taught me a lot of things that I am now using to make GalaxyHQ a better experience.

Overall, I have had lots of experience in management and administration especially, however moderation is also a key factor in my experience.

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