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Street food vendors

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even the smallest or the largest type of street foods has its own risk .Most handlers of street-vended foods as well are largely ignorant/dont have the knowledge about the basic foodsafety issues. Thus, street foods are commonly exposed to dangerous abuses, often at allstages of handling (VOCTA, 2010). Thereafter, the informal sector was characterized by the following: ease of entry”,reliance on indigenous resources, family ownership, small scale production, use of labour-intensive technology, and facing competitive markets (ILO, 1991, p.4). Street foods can be sources of enteropathogens. Vendors should Introduction purchased from street stalls in Accra [dissertation].Since street foods are located along busy public areas such as pavements”,school premises, rail and bus stations, problems such as microbial contamination”,unhygienic practices, and lack of basic facilities like potable water are associated with it. (M.Buscato)


The street food vendors are

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practicing a clean working area as part of theirsanitation practices. The customers perceived thatbarely checking of the food if it is free from larva isbeing practiced by the street vendors, checking if the are was clean is also one of the most important practices needed to be performed by a vendor. keeping the ingredients clean and safe making it free from insects and storing it on its own temperature are also needed because street food is are located usually at streets and public are it is also essential that the container is also clean and safe, free from insects and always sanitized. (Unkown source 2012)

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Street food vendors are also known as hawkers or sellers. street food vendors are scattered in different areas but what are the common places a vendor can be found. Street foods are commonly located along busy public areas such as pavements”,school premises, rail and bus stations.Street food vendors may be located outdoors or under a roof which is easily accessible from the street.Urban population growth has stimulated a rise in thenumber of street food vendors in many cities throughout the world. (DR. DEXTER R. BUTED & DR. ALEX P. YLAGAN)

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