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Stress task

Stress Identification task

Part A: Defining stress and the effects of stress:

1.What is stress?

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Stress is the human body’s way of reacting to any demand or threat, resulting in pressure. It can affect an individuals physical well being and emotional well being.

2.Aspects causing exam related stress:

External pressure from parents who have high expectations of them.

Internal pressure from the student on themself, due to high expectations form their own performance.

A lack of preparation caused by not spending enough time on studying and being distracted by other things such as cellphones making it difficult to concentrate.

Fear of the unknown. Will I be able to finish on time? What if I forget something?

Not getting enough rest which can block the mind and make it difficult to study.

3.Negative management of stress:

Using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Relying on smoking to keep your mind feeling normal and avoid anxiety.

Ignoring the stressor until it goes away or sorts itself out.

4.Stressors in my life:

Physical – weight gain due to stress eating

– skin breaking out

Emotional – insecurity of not being good enough

-not being able to support people in emotional situations.

Environmental -anxiety caused by crowding of people around me

-noisy household making it difficult to do work.

Social -instagram page

-over full calender leaving less time to do assignments

5.Pie chart of stressors:

6.Why stressors are stressing me out:

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Environmental – if there is too much noise I will nit be able to concentrate properly and this will result in me not being able to do my assignments to the best of my ability.

Emotional – I feel pressured to fulfill a specific image of a teenager. I fear if I don’t try fit in I will nit be accepted by peers. I am scared that I’m not prepared enough to give emotional support and advice.

Part B: Stress Management:

1.Evaluating stress management:

These techniques have helped to reduce my stress. I am happier because there is no more negativity in my life. I am better rested so I can do my school assignments to the best of my ability without any distractions. My mind is clearer and I am better able to think logically and creatively to solve any problems. I am also able to concentrate properly in class. I recommend these stress management methods as they have helped me a great deal and I hope they will continue to help me in the most important year of my life.

2.1 Stress Management methods:

I have tried the following stress management methods:

– Trying to avoid people, places and concepts which stress me out or make me feel uncomfortable and trigger emotions.

– Developed a proper nutrition plan to clear my mind and give my body the necessary energy it needs to manage tough situations.

– Proper sleep to energize my body and mind to be able to solve problems, clearing my mind to concentrate in class.

– Helping others and allowing others to help me in times of need.

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2.2 Why did I select these methods?

These methods provided me with a healthy range of options to face my stress head on. These methods also helped me to deal with my stressors now, instead of just leaving them to the last minute, which will better serve me in the rest of my lifetime.

2.3 When to implement these methods:

I will implement these strategies when I feel I am too tired or unprepared for life’s stressors because I know they will provide me with the necessary skills I need to manage my stress and live a happy and calm life.

2.4 Progress:

At the beginning, before I implemented these methods I was completely stressed out and was anxious about most aspects of my life. When I stared using these methods all these things I had anxiety about had just started to disappear. I was starting to use my time more constructively rather than just lounging around and avoiding my problems. I felt happier and like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. These methods really have helped me to be a better planner and manage my time correctly.

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